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Welcome you back to the trading group show. This show is about an amazing opportunity. We say make 500 of $5000 a day. Like Michael said. You could make more than that. But this is what I love about this opportunity. And I want you to hear this. Anybody can do it. Anybody What makes it phenomenal and makes people laugh is my wife has even said that when she sat in on a session. She said. John, This is so easy. I think even you could do it on Dat is so true. I'm not tech savvy. I'm not Internet savvy. I'm one of those guys who needs a dumb phone. I even I struggle with my smartphone every day. And even I got this It was absolutely like, Michael says, really easy and our mentor. He monitors you and the session and that helps out a lot, too, because it's nice to have the software and it's nice to have the expertise. But to have him there motivating you and telling you stuff and his analogies are spot on. They make everything so easy to understand. So that knowledge that you get in my opinion is second to none. You will walk away with a Harvard degree in making money. How do you get involved? You call 8886468787 and someone will answer the phone and get you in the session. And Michael and I will go over that now, Michael, how can you get involved? Thanks, John. You know, first of all, just to make sure we're clear. You're not technically going to get a Harvard degree. Just analogy there, folks, but you are going to get an education and That's what makes us different from other trading groups is that our mentor is providing an education. Most groups you show up, and if it's live, you're usually just reading a software. If it's alive group, you're sitting in session and I've been part of this if there's nothing going on If there's not an active trade developing, there's just nothing. There's just silence. No talking, and you can attest this year in the group in You know, our mentor is never quiet. So between what we would call action. He's providing an education to everyone in the group. And like you, said, John, you're going to receive the utmost level of education from one of the foremost people in the industry. He wrote this program. He developed this program research this program for over 26 years, and he put it all together, and then he put it into a format. He coined the phrase thinking cran so that he simplified it into a process that anybody can do it. It's a simple follow along color coded system. That he verbally describes as well as it's happening. There's no panicking needed when you're involved in our mentor actually verbally talks you through it. There's a precise entry point, and it's clear as day right on the screen. So when we say the system is very simple, and and it's written on an elementary level, it's color coded and then on top of that, you're being verbally instructed, so it provides a level of mental comfort that you're doing the right thing at the right times. It's just reinforcement. And on top of that the accuracy of the software in its signals is unprecedented compared to anything else I've ever seen. And I've shocked more than 20 different programs. If you want to see it, hear it and witness this for yourself. We don't want you to believe what we're saying here on the show. We want you to see it. Then you can believe us. After you see it. You can call us at her 800 number after you've come in and sat in on a session and let's talk about any differences you might have seen between what you saw in the real session and what we talked about on the radio. I'd love to hear if there was anything that you thought was different. Because if anything I feel like on the show, we understate things. We like to be very conservative with our expectations. I'm not going to sit here and talk about Hey, you know, we had someone in the group that made $20,000 in a day or is this guy over here routinely makes $10,000 in a day. I don't like to emphasize those types of stories. When I'd rather say is that an average person is going to make $500 a day. Maybe $1000 a day. And maybe more than that. So if this is something that you might want to take advantage of, give us a call 8886468787. That's 8886468787 reserve your spot in a couple of our sessions. There's no cost to you. All you have to do is make that reservation. We have people right now. Answering the phones, Live s O. Give us a call, Check us out and and see this for yourself. See if it's right for you. You can witness real people trading real money. Our phone lines do get busy during the show. This is hugely popular. Like I said, We've welcomed a lot of members just within the last month. And this really is the new age of income if people can trade in their current job and get out of their traditional habits. You know, it's interesting when you think about traditional habits. It's like, you know, my dad had a J. O B or my mom had a jail be and you know, they're just used to that. And you know, back in the day. Hey, if you want to make more money, we'll go out and get another job that pays more. And with this. This is completely different. You don't even have to leave your house. All you need is a computer and Internet service, So check us out for yourself. At the very least, you can probably replace your current income. But more likely. You can far surpass.

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