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And welcome back to coast to coast George nori with you along with doctor Michael solvable take calls with Michael next hour here on coast to coast Michael back to the Montauk project if we can for a bit the several thousand the children you said that simply vanished and disappeared over what period of time was that there was from nineteen seventy one to nineteen ninety three and according to some of the football writers are we putting a lot of street kids that were homeless and they would just stop taking indices are projects and experiment of all men she is a little out of my control used on the wall that seems to be one of the ways in which they thought that the six of these experiments could be more successful and the children seem to be more likely to be able to survive these kinds of portal experiments do you think this project Montauk is still continuing well I think the Montauk project will set up the feasibility of the project if if they see time travel as a as a means of being able to not only be looking to the possible into the future but also to be able to send people through that through those portals to be able to manipulate time and after that we were talking about programs that became operational and now you're not you're not paying the children through those portals now you're sending adults you sending soldiers using the agents who filming people who go there with specific missions which might include changing the vents in the past okay we're talking about temple agent I mean that's I think the lady which you couldn't understand difficult to be sent through a time portal into another time possible future to change it who is in was father Pellegrino or Nettie while he was someone that he was sorry a three that was a studying the chanting of Benedictine monks using electronic message to manipulate their chance and so he wanted to measure hell that would impact humans and hell that might be I have a greater effect on people emotionally but what he found in testing the chanting and manipulating it electronically what then this was done by accident there was a of of Monica that was used in the in the social experiments that were conducted by dean at the Vatican that he was able to see events in the pop and as they began to experiment more in terms of manipulating the the vibration up because we talking about found them in with the the Benedictine monks that the chanting that deep melodious sound that they generate that that actually has an affect in terms of what being based on time this is one of the things that the Looking Glass technology was also cheating but father Pellegrino found that he could do it electronically by manipulating this this these Benedictine chance and that that was insisting that within ten handed off to the CIA now this is our corner visor that he kind of came up with an invented is it still being used I'd definitely yes if that is something that was developed the initial part of talks with developed by him in the Vatican and did he handle off to the CIA because the Vatican and the CIA have worked together very closely full for many years many people I'm aware that that the that the department well we chief of the CIA counter intelligence James Jesus Angleton from lining the movement money fifties what up until nineteen seventy five he handled the Vatican desk as well as being in charge of Hey I have an intelligence and and so you do have to ask is helpful white good to see I got to work with the Vatican at that little into the camera intelligence it was because of the Vatican had this kind of advanced technology the way they could be with I could like looking to the pop looking to the future and if you're doing counterintelligence this is an ideal tool so so the Vatican worked very closely with the CIA and technology even today you still use them this is where we get the kind of guy mysterious pose bike use referring to project Looking Glass why do you think the Vatican has to telescope observatory so I mean I've always found that to be weird Michael yes well with the Vatican has those observatories there in the Arizona at well one mayor and also in in the Vatican or UN run itself okay and I am very interested in some of the ancient legends because the Vatican has a vast library they they have the records from extinct old civilizations that long since collapse but they have all the records that life if Alexandria recklezz of the land to even even go further back to places like Gloria Gloria that was the records of these ancient civilizations the legend of these of that a possessed by the Vatican as well as the artifact so that the Vatican has a lot of the I mean shouldn't the mice in a lot of our affection for that very interested in the stories about exit test will visit the and these periodic inclusion of extraterrestrials into at all region of space and and help you you would actually have these cataclysmic events at the end of every cycle the Vatican is big very interested in that and so because we poaching the end of the cycle the Vatican observatory don't think that you know one of the major functions is to look for telltale sign that we are about to experience the sudden a sudden shift a major cataclysmic said of the van that the changes that could be some kind of ascension event something fundamentally transforming the for a little can lead and I go by without you talking about Alex collier yes but X. no good brand money from the many years he is someone who says that he was in contact with and drummer than extraterrestrials and that he said that up the end Robbins when they have these communications we he said that they had made contact because in the future three hundred and fifty years into L. futures up a global collective tourney hold and that when they traced the origin of that galactic usually think back to this time and they traced it back to earth moon and my three planetary objects in some way connected with the genesis of the galactic tourney that spread out throughout the galaxy and so the of dominance came back in time the basically change that and and one of Alex's job with the basically reveal what was happening on planet earth you could just please make it a contest rules infiltrating and taking over a lot of value to the Jushin you are talking about a tie in with the late art bell and Andrew boss Iago of course who has claimed that he was involved in a project of course that the beam him to Mars that's right yes I am pieces and been involved in the two sets of projects one of the jump gate of the mob jumpgate give we basically people were center miles but it wasn't the only a it's a cool project negative and then he says that project Pegasus that ran from around nineteen sixty eight to around nineteen seventy two because of collecting with the Montauk project and basically doing the same thing that was happening at the Montauk project which will tell you that we're using children these technologies but was in the Montauk project they were taking up the street children regarded as expendable he's lost wouldn't become a mess too much it with the project Pegasus barely using elite families military family since the fourth wall and terribly or snatching them okay will book vote will volunteer work okay learn by their parents I guess that's what yeah NBC follow actually will want to work with the Ralph impossible company and up I will probably contract that the building is wonderful technology for the CIA and and doppel to the process of the dial by which is if that public called up by the end any bus Iago was one of the tool that was volunteering to these and he went through these up project into that project and he was involved in the time travel experiments but he says that the nineteen of nineteen seventy seventy one he he went to in and and AT and T. Philly that so make your company that had a a outlet pay enough and not leave New Jersey and he says that he actually met our bell at that facility nine really she met up bell at the facility that he was part of the group of children that went through the facility and soul belt I said this in an interview with pop album you know I and many others our reaction and he was completely shocked because he said that he hasn't told anyone about about that that he had looked at that ITT facility had not laid at and not Li in art did art in minutes yes he admitted on there that he did work at that facility and that he was working on on highly classified night out of project and he didn't say anything more about the project how would how would bus Iago know about it unless he was not there unless he was there exactly exactly no one knew about that because I think that is being very careful in revealing anything about he's classified work pulled for the military with contractors but about Chicago was there and and I was shocked the net when I heard that and he heard the shock you would realize that and the was there that that he was part of a highly classified program couldn't get access you know if your tall you don't go to a highly classified facility doing night top secret projects yeah as a child of the leader did you have access because you'll working approach it right so that the defense had what Amy was saying that's amazing tell us what you think what you really think Michael is going on at the South Pole Antarctica well in the car I think what's been going on there is that they have seen project that was set up in the nineteen forties by a breakaway group of German that were able to escape the **** Germany before its collapse sitting up highly advanced technologies in basis that they have done being helped define down there under the eyes using this is submarines we at the at the time of the state of the art local equipment so that they could go deep under the water for long periods of time they were on they were able to navigate under the ice sheet into these ancient riverbeds and deep into that topic a with a book these bases and after establishing themselves in those bases and building very helpfull eight vehicles including flying forces they were able to reach agreement with the US military industrial complex the this is especially active mining forty seven operation Highjump incident where and have a little bit of medicine that the naval task force that he's in charge of suffered significant casualties in Antarctica that the Germans and the Americans are reached agreement and then began collaborating and so the Americans began to send a lot of equipment a lot of resources to the German in Antarctica and in exchange the Germans help the Americans set up the space program and the inside walls that's right eight and you have the vehicle of programs being set up and then beat the.

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