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Were treated at Northwest Community Hospital in stable condition. It remains under investigation. There are obviously jobs that demand their employees make it to work. Despite heavy snowfall. Rebecca has one of them. She spoke with WGN's Patrick Elwood tonight at the Lake Forest Oasis on the Tri state tollway. It's kind of nice, and it's coming on Christmas and feels kind of festive, but you're still going into work. Yes, Science ability might not be going into work tomorrow. I'm a nurse, so I'll be going into work tomorrow. Winter Storm warning remains in effect for Northern Cook DeKalb Cane Lake and McHenry counties, plus the Rockford area until 9 A.m. winter weather Advisory is still in effect for Kenosha County in Wisconsin and DuPage Cook, LaSalle, Kendall, Grundy will and Kankakee counties in Illinois and in Lake Porter and the port counties. In northwest Indiana, at the main concern now and throughout the overnight hours will be icy conditions and potential power outages. As for snowfall totals, the heaviest seems to be as forecasted near the Illinois Wisconsin state line, six inches reported in parts of Ogle County, five plus in parts of Winnebago County. McHenry saw at least 2.5 to 3.5 inches to the West in Kane County, seeing reports of 2.5 inches to nearly four inches, a similar to the South and will county with the reports of as much as nearly four inches of snowfall in areas like Juliet, Boulder Hill. Three plus in Romeoville to the Southwest, and Grundy County Scenarios like Carbon Hill saw four inches Your forecast next first WGN Sports Tough Loss for number 19 Northwestern on the road Big 10 basketball tonight. 10th right. Iowa Beatem 87 72, the Wildcats. Seven other tough matchup this Sunday night against number 16, Michigan. The pregame at 6 15 the tip off at 6 30 against Sunday night with David it coach Joey Meyer on 7 20, WGN and at WGN radio dot com. The Bulls get their first win of the season. Beat the Wizards won 15 to 1 of those seven tonight at Washington Wizards dropped Owen four and the WGN forecast. We're seeing that change over from snow to freezing rain and rain and expect to see mostly rain for Wednesday high temperatures in the upper thirties, but Tim's falling during the afternoon and light snow to complete the day Wednesday night, we're down to about 20 degrees. Mostly cloudy there. Partly sunny on New Year's Eve. High temperature of 31 degrees on New Year's Day. Expect to see a high in the upper thirties and wintry mix comes on. Way and we dry out for Saturday high temperature in the mid thirties with partly sunny skies from the weather Center. I'm WGN meteorologist. Dimitrius Ivory. Fine, Vic Vaughn on Chicago's very own 7 20, WGN. And I'm Rollie James. If it's on your mind, it'll be on mine. Open lines continue to not until 1 a.m. on WGN radio benefit. That's a fact have been. That's a fact. Credit card purchases. Give me cash back, Kyle purchases Give me cash back. No one else gets these room board such and that is just playing us through. What in Tarnation, Sir Penn Fed's power cash rewards card isn't just for military members. Anyone can get cash back on all purchases. Figgins, you've ruined.

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