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Die. The. Good. He's back. You're getting make up for it because here comes another dream. Match Ladies Gentlemen. The winner of warriner versus Omega is going to take on Josh's other another of joshes wrestler. The winner of Kazutaka Okada Against by man, the WWe champion drew McIntyre. Who? Scottish psychopath versus brain maker. That's. Sorry, but that's I need it actually Stephen Eyeballs. Yeah. That that would be great to say. Quick Rub. I'm sorry. That match the match that will end up being the Knicks natural. Whoever loses that to make. because. We can have a rematch. Clint we already counting out Manse Warner. I'm sorry I love my voice but it. Be the machine. Yes. There's a there's a word for that. It's called sacrificial lamb there. were. In one day. As you will probably have the credentials to go up against the mega but right now I'm sorry there's only one out there's always terminated. There's only one cleaner. Yep. That's true. That's true. Pick boy. offered. To Promo. So, I said I said in the beginning, there was only one match in the first round that I saw that somebody had two of their competitors. Going up against each other in the first round. And it's me. So we're. Going to get. Rosemary versus Mardi skirl. That actually. inter-gender matched out be a very, very young energetic match. Grosvenor win. Rosemary could win that one. So we were. I. I would say I'm going to designate for my for my proxy for that one to. Do that. So but I'll save that for next week but the winner of that match will take on this match. Josh versus gene. And this guy, this one might have some history to it but in re it, it's more intriguing. With that recent history between the two. So. Okay. This is GONNA be the battle out the throne maker versus a throat breaker. Cody versus triple eight..

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