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And I wanted to tell you that because of you crashing our twenty fifteen we got in trouble for being too rowdy, which is a wild. Because why would they make? Get a Gatsby themed party if they didn't want us to be rowdy. Emily. I am sorry that you got in trouble. As a result of me. Crashing your prom. I will say that y'all were a little bit rowdy. Like, I thought that I could just calmly a crash a prom with my best friend or spouse is like a normal thirty nine year old crashing a prom. And I felt that you guys were a little rowdier than was absolutely necessary. I don't wanna put it on you, Emily. But. Maybe next time think twice about how you react to some guy. Crashing your. Also, we got a lot of emails that were like this one for Miriam. Dear John and Hank in recent episode. You talk quite a bit about peeps. So here's my question. What are peeps? Isn't an American thing. Please write me. Miriam PS what is Arbor day? Or is it harbor? Yeah. It's a day where we all go to the harbor, and we sort of look out over the harbor, and we think that's nice. Well, it's not that much crazier than what Arbor day actually is a day when we all look at trees and think that's nice Arbor day today on America. We were like trees are good. Yeah. It's basically the day in American weird that it's when we're like oh God. Sorry. Trees about everything. We've done to you over the last five hundred years and the trees are like, yeah. No, it's good. It's we're fine. Peeps. Are the opposite of trees? I think narrowest way to defined. Marshmallow. That's covered in sugar. Now. I know you're saying isn't a marshmallow just made of sugar. Yes. Yup. He ended the story. I can't explain it anymore. Also there in the shape of small chickens. Or other things. The holiday which brings me to this Email from Haley who wrote dear John and Hank. My name is Haley, and I worked with peeps and design their seasonal changeovers between twenty sixteen and twenty eighteen there are no Arbor day. Peeps yet. But there are for Valentine's Day Easter summer Halloween and Christmas also per Hanks, odd phone caller ID quakertown veterinary clinic that was another one of our clients. And wondering if someone swapped the meta text by accident weird. Now that is very weird. That is very weird. And you say here that that's probably neither interesting or helpful to you. It isn't helpful. But it's very interesting that when I called peeps on the phone got another one of your clients that is not in any way related to peeps. Very interesting. But anyway, if you ever have veterinary need in quakertown, please call Quaker tone veterinary clinic. Absolutely. And if you're ever looking for some sugar coated in sugar are the way to go, Hank. Yeah. AFC wimbledon. Yes. Laid West Ham United in the fourth round of the fake up. I know furthest AFC Wimbledon had ever made it in the FA Cup West Ham a team in the Premier League. Most famous for being the only soccer team mentioned by name in the Harry Potter books West Ham United a team so big that even in a world of quidditch people care about it a team that I think is. Currently like ninth in the Premier League. Some eighty spots above us where we are currently routed to the basement of league one almost certain to be relegated that West Ham came to king's meadow in the fourth round of the FA Cup. And we won the game four two in. What has to be one of the biggest upsets in the history of FC Wimbledon moving onto the fifth round of the FA Cup. Unbelievable scenes. I mean, I watched the whole thing on television ESPN, plus, and I couldn't believe it. Wimbledon were up three now at one point. Yeah. And then I brought my children down. And when the game me, you said Hank this is like there's still a lot of time in the game left. But I'm very excited..

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