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Way Dickson in control. In three if Dr. Dixon. The Indianapolis five hundred Indy-Car titles were his, but he wouldn't defend him in two thousand eight at the end of the season. Frank Keating made the decision to join Chip Ganassi racing and try his hand at NASCAR but funding for the program quickly ran dry and Ganassi made the decision to stop paying for it out of his own pocket in July Frankie was out of a ride, but a chance trip to the motor city quickly turned his fortunes around and continues to pay dividends to this day. Finish because we didn't have a sponsor and Hemmer genital money on the deal. So. The Nisha migrates basis, and I went to Detroit looking. Sports car, right? Because I convinced myself that I didn't really want to do any car anymore, and I'd go to the toys, brother race. Turn to come over the crash that. You know flying through there and I just. Thought. That's when I realized I've been kicking myself, back in the as I went and talked to Mike, Mike was asking. I was attic and told him I didn't wanna do it. And I realized that do all the good that goal and going to drive back to the good. So I was frustrated and he said, well, hang on, and he coach hip and tip Kim. Right. And explain to me than. Panther. And they had a F. I want today was just one of those points in the right place, right time. We did the deal and championships on the bones. It was them. Relationship is still going on them still with chip and, and the organization. So that was a good day contract. Coming up on heroes of the.

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