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Dr George Pratt has written more than just code to joy uhm But I will tell you the I only This is how I will know everything I need to know about you, George. You ready? Okay, I am when you were at the University of Minnesota, where you a saint Paul guy, or were you a Minneapolis guy? Was Minneapolis guy, Okay, but The trick is The the I parked outside of the university undergraduate and graduate. And so the trick was to find your car in the winter. Yes, I remember. I don't know if that's more safe, Paul or Yeah, No. You know, I discovered when I moved there that it was like the defining hat in And Harry Potter that you drove around, and you either found that you were more comfortable on the Saint Paul side or on the Minneapolis side, and I was the same ball guy. It was, you know, you Minneapolis people. You are a little flashy for me, So that's what I learned early are not known to be flashing. Well, that's why it's relative, right. I mean, that's why it stands out those shiny buildings on the Minneapolis side as opposed to the old city of the east of the Saint Paul side. Listen, I so much enjoyed reading your book, and I I think there's so many different ways that we can get into this subject. And so I was sort of looking at what my door Woz And I have to say so. I'll just preface this by saying part of my curiosity has always been Trying to figure out why I'm so happy. Not why I'm unhappy or why I can't get happy. I've I've always been kind of convicts. People comment. My wife comments on it all the time. I just have a higher resting place of happiness. And I couldn't tell you why, Um and maybe it's a little bit of faith, and there may be its birth order. Maybe it's whatever I don't know. I can't figure it out. I just know that's how I spend my day. And so I wonder what your what was your Approach when you were trying to figure out happiness if you looked at it through the lens of your own experience as a human being on this planet. Well, number one. I think the most important thing is To learn to appreciate everything. And two Practice gratitude. Now, that's you know, it's been written about a great deal, but there's a huge Body of research of what happens with the brain when you scan for positives. Rather than just dealing with You know the challenges that we have. I mean, right now, probably more so than you know, several decades. We've got things they're kind of mess. But we're going to recover from that. The trick is to Scan for what is meaningful to you and appreciate what that is. And so let's stay with the you know the challenges with covert and with political situations. They're you know, they're challenging. Certainly, But if you think about what is it that is truly going to make you happy. It's being appreciative. Of what you do have And, um And then that's why you you, you know in other books, too, talking about gratitude list, but it's a huge thing, because when you start appreciating Everything. Um It changes your brain chemistry, actually, and so that you more resilient. And you're not as affected by these situational fluctuations. Um The going back to Minnesota. He, You know, certain times, it would get down to you know, 30 degrees below zero. And you get three years and it could be it could be minus 50 it? Yeah, that was just aired. Temperature was like negative 25 not including windshield factor, right? I know it's just totally crazy. There was another planet. Was weird. Yeah, And so, uh, I did. Finally, uh, after trying to find my car many times and snowdrifts I do live in like, uh yeah, E saw the shift every day now. Yeah, but okay, so I'm not a psychologist, But if I were, I would say part of that answer to me. I would say you're deflecting. Or maybe you just forgot about it, cause I want to know like where you personally are. When you approach a subject like happiness, do you come at it from the standpoint of you want to figure out what could make you happy your or let me Okay. Well, that's what I'm getting it. So we're Where were you when you first started looking into this research in terms of your own personal experience? Well, the I started out Number one. I don't particularly like writing. But I'm more interpersonal. I like people. Most psychologists are not known for. Having a sense of humor I hopefully have yet. Well, I think you've already demonstrated that you're good. Don't work. Yes. I'm not at least.

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