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Kapur says only he could use it in his art, and everyone was mortally offended him really annoyed. So I made the Welsh pink his pink. And I put it on my website. And I said any autism can use the pink is pink as long as I know any Shapur and a half to agree to a legal. Disclaimer that they want him on they weren't gonna share it with him. Anyway, off I did that everybody started rioting into me. And I'm gonna Shaanxi goping can put it on his Instagram show never story. And everyone's saying you must make a black who's better than his black. So, hey, we all two years later, we might blank to which was an awesome Matt black, but not time we have to use. Pigments existed, and the problem with those is almost every point pigment. Carbons the most popular one reflect some kind of light if you think of a lump of coal or charcoal it reflects light it's shining. We wanted something that would absorb light. So we haven't had additives to that we borrowed from the cosmetics industry, modify it to dull it down to stop light reflection from the front, unfortunately, when you modify the black pint aunts, whiteness, say you start to get into tones of grey, which is really not what you want to since. Then we were working on black three and we finally finished that about a week ago. After sending a thousand out to beats testers around the world the way we approach is we collaborated with a lab in Dallas, actually, custom grow a pigment for us, which is essentially a black pigment that's grown on the nano-sized ceramic microbes fair. So we have a Matt black pigment. Which is amazing as this is better. Absorbing light on it doesn't release as much as the other black arm -solutely so easy. Not reflective has like zero reflectance. The next thing. We have today's mix it into a pint, which is the other side of this innovation which is we've created an acrylic polymer to hold this stuff that has moved Bohm's available than any other acrylic polymer, which means we can supercharge with Pittman will not means is in the visible light spectrum with things we ninety eight in one thousand nine percent of lives auction, which in English means.

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