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You put some change in and you. You turn a button and this window would open up and you pull a sandwich out I mean it sounds disgusting but it was considered very very advanced in those days. and. I have my camera with with me one night and the under study by that was doing on the roof. And the the under study was for the lead part was was on stage. I knew the show backwards and forwards and I knew there was a my daddy stand on stage right and called lighting cues. Just off the wings, you know if you peaked around Bernie could see the audience and I knew the show backwards and forwards and I knew that the the. The actor was going to have a speech to do right near where my dad would call the lighting cues. You know the stage right and and I knew all the laughs were I snuck a picture. Of Him Luckily, during during an audience, laugh so that no one could hear the shutter go. I found out years later that my dad told me that he he could have been hit as as a production stage manager he could have been hit with a ten thousand dollar a photo call. From the Union. Stage ending but anyway took this picture and it came out really great. It's it's actually it's in the the the exhilarating exhausted right and I I saw the picture and I made a couple of five by seven prints and and my dad gave one to the actor and he hit my dad to give me a set of these big four or five big photography books And I learned everything I knew about geography from those books those stuff that I had already catered out on my own and that was the extent of my education I was going to go to college for photography, and I woke up one day and decided I didn't want to go to college I was already. Working professional already been published wasn't making any money, but I was already on the road. To a career without knowing I was. and I've walked to my mom and dad's bedroom one day and I said. and. I was already accepted tall three colleges I applied to I was going to go to Philadelphia. College bar they they'd already put down a deposit on the tuition. Their bedroom on one Sunday morning and I said the I'll go and get the Sunday Times and I'll pick up the lots and bagels I'm not GonNa go to college and I'll get the dry cleaning. Tried to slide on an and. They were not very good with the curve ball. ENOUGH KEEP HANGING His a quick word from her sponsors we'll be back in a bit. And now back to the program but. They they were relatively cool about it I mean to play. To play my mom and dad I I signed up for. One semester of tonight courses. School visual arts and I think I went to two classes and I said that's it because I was overqualified even at that point you knew right away. Yeah. I remember the the instructor, Professor. Teacher whatever the hell he was. I ended up going out and shooting some garbage cans on the street corner that were. Thrown over and You know was like street Photography Bullshit and I thought it was really like. Ground level learning you know and I had already been a few notches above that. So I didn't go to college and then a year later on October Fifteenth Nineteen seventy-one. I walked down the hallway to a cab went to Jeff Gay moved to California. Why did you do that? Well La was the epicenter of the whole record business. You know the whole fantasy land of of the business and It just I'd been to La while I've been there once With my mom and Dad. When my dad was doing a national company of my Fair Lady. But then that the summer seventy-one, I was part of a press junket. The twenty five journalists, joggers, journalists. From New York and Twenty Five Mil a descended upon Dallas for three dog night's. Concert at the Cotton Bowl. And Those are the days where you could switch around plane tickets and things like that. So instead of going from New York Dallas New York because I was to education a three dog night I went from. NEW YORK DALLAS THAN DALLAS TO LA. And because I had some friends in L. A. and I stayed there. For months. And Right. Before I came back to New York I hooked up with this girl is a publicist. And decided to. Got Back to New York and then decided I wanted to move back to L. I want to move to La You know permanently which I did and moved in with her. For a while and I I've been there ever since YEP. So email L. A.. As I tell a story where I. I looked at the cover of the flying burrito brothers I. Think it's Gilded Palace, of Sim. News you see Graham loosens guys. There's a couple of. on the cover and I thought, wow, every girl in la I bet looks like that. And they did. Then I found out then I found out later that they were two hookers, the Grand Parsons had hired for the outburst. No cares. Very. Very good. Very good. So you were shooting before that and got invited to shoot three dog night. Was the first band that you actually Doug your teeth in. The first I WANNA make this. Go I I think this is the direction well, you know what? I was fortunate in that when I still was in New York and still is in high slow shooting at the fillmore east. you know all the venues around New York. Is the cerebral in Queens which then became Louis Armstrong Tennis Stadium, and now I think called something else. There were shows there. To, friends of mine were the promoters airy covers than Shelly Finkel. Shows there on what was a the New York's what had been the new. York. State pavilion, at the world's fair in nineteen, sixty four. So I was already getting in my feet wet you know going to Gary and Shelly shows, and and then the fillmore and a I was meeting a lot of people that worked for different magazines, record companies, and things like that. and. You know. I was at the led Zeppelin press conference. I don't even remember how I ended up there. But Jimi Robert did a press conference in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy. because they leads up on the had won the melody makers readers. To as the biggest band on the world, the Beatles had one that every year since sixty, four, sixty, three, or sixty, four, and.

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