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Here on newsradio ten forty w h oh twenty four ten forty is the phone number by the way for the guy who's calling he was work really was wondering about the move there i picked it up before should have that is a waxing crescent minister and the movies racing book mars and genius lars difficult see because it's partly far away it's not like view this is a native but it's big enough that that in comparison can still see it in the interesting thing about that is that venus goes through phases much like the like the tell you when it's like repeating front they were trivial person you ever been your life i kid you not you know we are back with your questions a newsradio ten forty double mean joe including and this was a getting very this year it's a second marriage for both of us what financial items should we be discussing or doing which was he would take that jonas yeah i i think the first thing you need to go see in that tourney and figure out the you know all that gets that beneficiaries of yeah youngsters fabulous that guardian ships you really really have to have that tough talk about money and some shape or form which which accounts you're gonna spoiler which accounts you're going to keep separate i know it's going to be difficult because you want to stay agree married for as long as possible like yeah that ended yeah open a really open lines akiem indication the i've always heard that that that's the number.

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