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Isn't that wonderful? All right. You'll stand back to back right here on that. Yes. Okay. And I am going to those of the chiefs. We're talking about right there. I'll ask you a question like who can do a better push up and you'll you'll hold it up. So we can say towards the audience. All right don't. All right. You better. Be honest. You have to be honest or else or else? Who made the first move. All right. That's that's a. Did you want him to make the first move? Yes. I want even I you know, what maybe maybe I was confused. I thought maybe he wanted like a yoga class yoga teacher. Right. He kind of did he? Into. Wanted to have six children in six years. I wonder. Who on the last argument, the two of you had? That's disagreeable. So you say you did he says he did how about who has won every single argh know who won the? One the last one, I always all of them. But he said he wanted last time, and then and then I was joking. It's fun to see right now. All right. All right. Let's talk about your your friend breed Larson, re Larson, she's a superhero. Now, she's a superhero now. But before that she won an Academy Award for movie cold room, the room the room, the room was just rates room guys. It's not the room. And that was the first time I'd ever heard of her, and I know she's been acting since she was a young young girl. But I thought she was brilliant in that. And now she's gotten cast as a superhero marvel cap, captain marvel they were there was a Super Bowl ad and there is a Super Bowl. Yeah. Captain marvel jet Reich kept first female, eat and marvel movie. I like, yeah. Wow. And she's a bad ass like and she talked about literally having never exercised or done anything. And basically, they said you've got nine months, you're a superhero. Now, you need to get into shape, and she was actually really funny talking about how she got. Into shape. Listen to this. Brie larson? Congratulations on this movie. This is a cool thing. I think is cool. Yes. It's a very cool thing you'd be okay. Yes. Yes. And you're here for our Super Bowl shows that exciting. I can't wait to learn about it. So what is all right? Well, it's football. Now, where are you from here, Los Angeles? So, you know, the Rams, of course, of course. You're not a football fan. I don't know anything about nothing about it. I know that there's a ball. Yes. I actually played in a football game. Which is unfortunate for the team. I was which was also televised. It was a direct TV football game. He'll I manning was my coach I didn't know that that mattered. It seemed like it didn't we lost? Like, I didn't know anything about football until the saints got into they went to the Super Bowl, and I'm from New Orleans. So then I got into it. And since I got into it. I'm like obsessed. What was this is my year? Yeah. You can because it's the Rams get into it. Now. Why are we called the Rams I've never seen a ram in Los Angeles. Right. No. They don't usually point. No, it's it's not like, you know. So you're you're not into football. But you're very athletic. I am. But this is like a new thing, I was super not athletic. I was like can you open this water for me person? And then like a year ago. I just like like I just got really like when you got cast. In the movie. Right. So I trained for nine months, and then was able to do crazy things that could dead lift two hundred twenty five pounds by the end of it. I. Yeah. Now, did you bring with you? Jason Walsh was my trainer out. My trainer. I mean. I haven't seen him in months, but that's my. I never see you at the gym trainer. But I just haven't trainer then. Now, he might be your trainer, right more. So than mine, but Jason I'll be back. I will. I knew that. That's why I asked because he gets everybody in shape for movies..

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