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And the ad council for surf wins west at eight gusting to sixteen miles an hour wins news time twelve forty nine president trump addressed the nra's annual meeting in dallas we will never give up american we will live and we will die corresponding clayton neville members at the convention say they're confident in their right to bear arms with donald trump as president this long time in our member says no one will take away his guns charlton heston said come alamar cold dead hands any people at the convention say the country is a safer place with lawabiding citizens being armed clayton neville dallas the doctor assigned to vice president pence has resigned correspondent andy field reports it may be related to a confrontation between pence's doctor and president trump's in president trump's now former doctor the vice president's physician dr jennifer penna resigning from the white house medical unit but no one in mike pence's office will say why last fall dr penny reportedly expressed concerns about mr trump's physician robby jackson and how he handled the case involving vice president pence his wife karen the pens team saying the medical unit would respond to questions but so far no comment on the resignation wins news time twelve fifty do your to your ficials have been working on plans to win crease pedestrian and cyclist access over the harlem river the city's ninety million dollar plan calls for installing dedicated bike lanes on six of these crossings and safety improvements to all thirteen harlem river bridges dot commissioner polly drawn berg says the redesign should limit the impact of taking space away from traffic bridges you have a lot of actually excess space in the approaches and then the bridges get tighter so share the rise erica desi pedals back and forth here every day and can't count the number of times he's at a near miss a mission how care for this guy's very careful they're gonna hit you still i've talked to motorists who chafe at the notion of fewer lanes for all ready congested traffic al jones ten ten wins at the madison avenue bridge wins news.

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Commissioner, Karen, White House discussed on

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