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Place again miss porter did you say miss porter but what you said your name was injure that's what the billing says to an odd things his define taine thanks for the leaving there there's just one thing i'd like to ask him ask me anything uh knowing miss winds lowers well as you do do you think you might come back to los angeles in time sort of clear things up i think she might some day you see a the girl like mary winslow gets to feel addis soiled have door can around and joints like this she probably going to spend a little time a be out in the desert the sunshine so it is freshening up before anybody she can't if i yeah hingis shouin well this was a pretty long trip for nothing you mention just one more bumster but i'm glad i came how is figure that confession we found on joe clark was a foaming car is joke clock in jail these dead the brooklyn police got him all night about two five months ago when how they got the tip a woman called the police one knife from little nightclub the golden lion club she hung up before the answer the phone but the brooklyn boys decided investigate anyway one of them spotted clark parked in the car across the street me triggerhappy i.

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