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Fifty floor topping Austin's news. Governor abbot as two of his priority bills on his desk. Both the house and Senate. If final approval to a school finance Bill Representative Dan Hubert, he says, will make a huge difference in the education system. House Bill three puts over six point five billion dollars more money into the classrooms, equitably bridge, Gatien reforms, providing about two billion dollars in his sentence, part of that teacher compensation and the property tax. Cut Bill Senator Paul Bettencourt says will allow people to afford to stay in their home. That's going to say seven million taxpayers. Nine hundred eighty million dollars a year two thousand twenty four lawmakers are expected to give final approval today to the state budget. The session ends tomorrow, some in Austin's, Dr scooter business community. You're just as hesitant is some on city council. Sel the institute, a franchise model of regulation birds Blanca Laborde doesn't like what she sees this franchise model will impede innovation. There are many vehicles coming online. We all started out with retail off the rectangles, and we have constantly iterating new models. She says the ordinance isn't clear if the business has to come before council to amend their supposed franchise agreement to get updated equipment on the road despite efforts by activists to stop at the Austin convention center will undergo a one point two billion dollar expansion. Save our springs, alliance executive director Bill bunch spoke out against the expansion in his plotting his next move. Well, we're looking at a few options, and I think we'll be ready to talk about those pretty sing,.

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