Bloomberg, Anthony Fauci, Senator Joni Ernst discussed on Meet the Press


So let's talk about the paying trade And at Bloomberg our market vision is 2020 I am shocked by the moves that we're seeing in the rights market Bloomberg radio the Bloomberg business app and Bloomberg radio dot com Business finance and the latest news evicting world markets powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts In over a 120 countries this is Bloomberg radio Now a global news update White House chief medical adviser doctor Anthony Fauci is sharing some encouraging news amid the amaran surge Things are looking good We don't want to get overconfident but they all look like they're going in the right direction right now Appearing on ABC's this week Fauci added that he hopes in the coming weeks the coronavirus will fall into the area of control and join other common respiratory infections that don't greatly impact everyday life Senator Joni Ernst is sending Russian president Vladimir Putin a very clear message Pushing back against Russia we need to show strength and not to be in a position of doctrine of appeasement Appearing on CNN State of the Union the Iowa Republican warned Putin don't do it in reference to the continuing threat of invasion in Ukraine More than half of Americans believe right-wing militia groups are a threat to the country that's according to a new poll from The Economist yugov of the polled one third believe right-wing militia groups pose an immediate and serious threat Over 80% of respondents also saw domestic terrorism as a threat That's the latest on Dina kodiak You're listening to Bloomberg businessweek with Carol matter and Bloomberg quick takes Tim steno V from Bloomberg radio Social.

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