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He denies it, but he ought to be asked You got to be us. Thank you, My friend Dale in Detroit. Dale John James of the head. Have you voted yet? I dropped off my ballot on Friday. Did you vote for John James? No, I did not. Why not? Just back in boat in front of Republicans this year. Okay, so that's fine. We talked to Democrats. Glad to have you anyway. What's on your mind? I don't trust a computer call with Giuliani in Ban involved, uh, with reports of Giuliani being played by the Russians. I just don't trust the crowd. Where is that report? Now, where is that report that Giuliani's being played by the Russians? It was all over that. It was all over the news about a week or so ago. The Times the post. Everybody had no. I saw. I saw some anonymous sources saying that Rudy had been targeted by Russian Intel when he was in Ukraine. But it didn't say anything about Russian Intel involved with this computer. This computer comes out a Delaware Rudy took possession of it via his lawyer, and until someone challenges the chain of custody and suggest that the Russians got to the blind Delaware Computer salesman that allegation. I can also tell you really busted the big Five crime families. It doesn't have anything to do with this computer. His computer is the question. It's Providence, right? Exactly And so the fact that Rudy held it. Doesn't tell me anything, Dale, but thank you. You're always welcome. You made a mistake on John James. Someone in Detroit get up and vote this morning to upset Dale Brent in Los Angeles. Do they matter to you, Brent. Hello, Hugh. Well, it matters to me. But not all that much in a much. There's so many other things that one could ask as to why he's supporting court packing. Why he doesn't seem to support the Constitution. The First Amendment, the Second Amendment Why he seems to be supporting CCP more than America or he's supporting the Iran deal. Or Antifa or BLM or Il Ham. Omar Rashid Khalidi, just such a pile and this is Adding to that pile, The key thing is a lot of voters are high information voters like you. You've just told me if signaling you're aware of many issues, but a lot of information. A lot of voters are low information voters they vote. They do their civic duty. But they make up their mind based upon what happens in the last month, and they make up their mind on trustworthiness. Thiss issue goes to the heart of whether you can trust Joe Biden. And if he's been telling us for years that he's clean, and he's not clean, that's that's really bad. Okay, Brett. Thank you. I've got to get the Pittsburgh again, Victoria. Good morning, Victoria. Morning, Hugh. I want emails. Well, do you trust them? Well, I do and beyond your previous collar talking about Steve Bannon and everything. Um, what about the note coming from harder? Well, I have read that story, but I'm I'm skeptical of the providence of that story. I'd have to see those e mails coming from someone else. The New York Post is a pretty rigorous news organization. And so I am not going toe the Steve Byron partner, the 100 biting partner emails. I don't know about that. And I'm not going to go with that until I see that in another news source. Victoria. Thank you. I want.

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