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Welcome to ruin a back is day radio podcast with fraud expert skip buyers. This is your guide to fighting fraud and chargebacks learn the best fraud prevention solutions and strategies how to enhance your fraud prevention team and held on prosecute criminals. Now, here's your host skip buyers. Hello, everyone in for tuning into ruin a bag is day radio. Combat. Hey, we got a great news article this week as some other information elected share some other things have been hitting the news quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. And I thought I was sure that with you guys. A lot of good information. You could take back to work for to your friends or family to help them prevent from being a victim from fraudsters and Mauer attacks and this week, but I really wanna talk about is how fraudsters exploited malware for financial gain so Mao where what is now receives in the news and probably hits your spam? Folder credit bit from other publications or other companies trying to get your business, but Mauer's any softer intentionally designed to cause damage to computer. Maybe it's your server your computer network and smell or does it damage after it's already implanted or introduce in some way into a target, computer or network. So Mauer is going to be attached most likely to some sort of phishing Email in. Somehow, you the user or someone else in your company or network does something that unfolds this code that's part of this, malware, I could be commuted computer, viruses, or worms Trojan horses. Sometimes it's spyware ransomware on there's all kinds of other terms. But Mallard basic form is is militias. It has malicious intent in it acts against you know, your company's best interests or your best interests. And there's something harmful with that malware that is typically designed to still your personal information. And so that the Bagai can have financial gain at some point by defrauding you or someone else. So before it gets started tradition. Here's always talk about stupid criminals in boy, there's not a not a day that goes by that. I don't have a hard time. Finding some news articles about dumb criminals, and this is a news article adult Oklahoma involving Uber, and it looks like things at work. Out well for three Oklahoma City teenagers who allegedly planned to rob a Bank using Uber as transportation and police say that the Uber driver who took the to debate one Tuesday afternoon called Thorndike's EFI heard one of them say he had a gun and he's on a cap somebody. So police said that the gun was later found on one of the teams after he tried to fight officers who arrived at the Bank, the teens had apparently already arranged in Uber for their getaway. Car says the news crew, it looks like the Uber driver his name. Mr. K says he was waiting outside the Bank. We saw the teenagers being taken away in handcuffs interested in was told by an officer that there had been a robbery attempt. Well, I guess he was right. Looks like according to drivers says, hey, they called me for the getter getaway car. Can you believe that? Hey, if you're going to do something like that like, rob a Bank, get your own car. He says, yeah. No kidding. Pretty stupid. What are they thinking? I mean, I'm gonna call Uber driver. Hey, buddy, wait outside here. So I'm gonna go rob this Bank and stick around long enough. So I can hop in. And we get away in time crazy stuff. I mean, I'm sure there's some sort of a legal substance involved there. They were taking before the robbery or before they decided to call Uber. Thank you for that. Great news, article out of home. That's awesome. So today fold in little bit more information about how fraudsters exploit malware for financial gain. So this week. I like to talk about a big case that the feds may just about a week ago. Just very recent. He may seen it in the news recently. But this is a very important case federal case where two Romanian cybercriminals were convicted of all twenty one counts relating to infect the over four hundred thousand victim computers with Mauer Hess. Right inflicting in being victim computers with Mauer and stealing millions and millions of dollars. And this is the actual press release that came out from the Justice department. Just very recently federal grand jury last week convicted to Bucharest Romanian residents of Twenty-one counts related to their scheme to infect victim. Computers with malware in order to steal credit card numbers and other information to sell on the dark market the dark web and other websites, and they are. Our intent was to mind crypto currency engage in online auction fraud and nounce by assistant attorney general Brian been cow sqi of the Justice Department's criminal division way to go menace. Also to these defendants were convicted at the twelve day trial of conspiracy to commit wire fraud conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit service marks that's interesting aggravated identity theft conspiracy to commit money laundering, in twelve counts of wire fraud each person there so citizen will begin in a few months in a Cording to testimony at the trial in other court documents one of the co conspirators who pleaded guilty collectively operated a criminal conspiracy out of Bucharest Romania. So we've been talking about this for months now on these podcasts about the infusion of international crime gangs targeting. Americans here in the United States is still are ideas and our cash, obviously, it's amazing how widespread in worldwide. This problem phenomenon is so the press release goes on says apparently this all began in two thousand seven with the development of proprietary malware, which they disseminated through militias emails purporting to be legitimate from entities like Western Union nor nanny virus and the IRS. So this is a old scheme being redone again over and over again. And why do the bag is all the fraudsters? All these people who are bad guys all over the world. Keep doing the same thing over and over to target us. That's right because it works. It's easy. It keeps working we need to keep getting the awareness out there in educate, everyone about the potential problems with Mauer and how the bad guys exploit this now where for their financial gain to commit. Fraud, you know. So again, what is Maur while this is software. This intentionally designed to cause damage to computers or servers or computer networks in it does damage of his after it has been in planted in some way on a computer. So how is this done think real hard? Now, the house is done while you're right. It's is from emails fishing. That's what this is about. This is why you see so many emails come in. And you can't understand why you're getting all these strange emails is fishing in what is fishing? Let's let's regroup in talk about what fishing is so fishing. Basically is Email messages claiming to come from a recognized source. You know, be company most likely someone you recognize it

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