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Hi caleb. Hey, mike. How are you? I'm a little bit tired. How are you doing? I'm very amped, very amped and not just amped. You're you're very amped. It's interesting day. It has been on this. That's what I've been hearing on the street via. So this'll be very entertaining for me as well. Because I have been offline at a conference all day. So I'm I'm going to be hearing all of this. From you. So, but I what are you drinking? I'm drinking a classic MARTINI with Hendrix, Hendrick's gin. Oh, very nice with an olive. It's dirty three to one ratio. And it's my house ratio due to three to one. I do like four six two one. I like, oh my goodness. Very dry, basically like a glass of chilled Jin. Yeah. Yeah. If big good gin, but had Hendrick certainly makes the bar. Yeah. Meets the bar makes us you've gotten me some gin. So I I have some of those too. But I've I'm running down this larger bottle. So. Yeah. Well, the great thing about Jin is that it doesn't require aging. So the the craft gin world is a really delightful because there's a lot of new ones short feedback loop on whether or not what you've done is good. Yeah. So there's a lot of auto really great Jains out there. What are you drinking tonight? I am drinking a Dockery again, actually because we rescheduled recording. So I've made my another classic. I guess I did it's sort of a house Dachary here, which I've evolved, which is just a standard Dachary. And then I put a splash miscall on top. And it gives you a nice little smokey complexity. Nice. And yeah. Yeah. So you know, it's summertime so it feels like Dockery time. Yeah. No. It's too lazy to make my ties. You know, what is really messing with my stomach last time. I had it did not go. Well, so I'm really do. I don't know. I think I must've just had a bad batch. But would you use those small hand foods? I don't know where it was from. It was from a restaurant. Okay. Yeah. Because I mean, it's just almonds Europe. So it should be pretty. Yeah. But now, but now that when I get the taste of that, it just instantly takes me to a bad place. So we'll if you weren't at a good enough place. They would use the chemical like fake almond Torino or whatever. Yeah. And that's yeah. You want to stay away from that? Maybe that's what it is. Anyways who were recording tonight on Tuesday, August seventh and so some big news happened but actually the past weekend. I was at a tesla store. Wait. I thought that was the big news. You were talking about it is it is. But I want to start with the model three stuff real quick. Yeah. I thought that was the beginning. There's even more big you drove around in your white whale or. Yeah. Well, it was read, but it had the white interior. So the what happened was I went to the tesla store on the weekend. There's a Stanford mall nearby. And was there for other reasons and walked into the store and say, oh, I think they might have the model three performance, and they didn't have it inside. But they had it out back, and it was just parked on the street where they do their test drives. And so I've sort of poking in looking at it, and the tesla person was outside and came over and said, hey, you interested in the performance model three and said, oh, I just wanted to check out the white interior. He's like well. I could probably get you in a test drive tomorrow. If you want if you come early. So I said sure, let's figure that out. So a test drive for eleven AM the next day. Did you tell them you could just Email me the coordinates Etta kilo bad, the tesla show dot com now, I did not I did not drop the show where you wear in your. I'm Caleb from the tesla show t shirt, I do not have one of those shirts. So I was not wearing it. But oh, that's the line. We're going with you don't have that shirt. All right. Got you. Sorry. But that the Schwab will be available soon. But so then so then I reserved it and he saw I had reservations..

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