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Trump, who's charged with inciting the deadly insurrection of the U. S Capitol building. Last month, House impeachment managers summed up their case by replaying a video clip of Trump calling on his supporters to fight back, making yet again baseless claims of a stolen election. We will never concede it doesn't happen. You don't concede with Steph Way lead impeachment manager Jamie Raskin accused Trump of creating a powder keg. He knew the rally would explode if provoked. Knew all it would take a slight push impeachment managers laid out several questions Central to their case against Trump, including whether he encouraged violence. Was it foreseeable and did he act willingly? Stress that the answer to those questions must be. Ah, yes, Winter Johnston. NPR NEWS Washington President Biden met today with lawmakers from both parties at the White House as he seeks to garner support for a plan to expand infrastructure projects. I'm hoping that launching efforts to rebuild the nation's roads and bridges might actually close a partisan divide between Republicans and Democrats during his campaign buying proposed to $2 trillion investment in infrastructure improvements and clean energy. Grand jury in Buffalo, New York, has dismissed felony assault charges filed against two police officers. They're the men were videotaped last summer, pushing an elderly protester to the ground during the Black lives matter March or NPR's Brian Mann. Officers, Aaron Tarkovsky and Robert McCabe, with the Buffalo Police Department were captured on cell phone video in early June, shoving 75 year old Martin Georgino on the ground. He cracked his skull on the pavement and spent a month in the hospital. Every county district attorney John Flynn charged the officers with felony assault, but now a grand jury has dismissed the case. Speaking at a press conference, Flynn predicted that critics will accuse him of not prosecuting the case against the officers aggressively enough each one eye right now, and I'm telling you I sandbagged. Flynn said The grand jury proceedings are secret so he could release no details explaining why the charges were dropped. Brian Mann NPR NEWS the Congressional Budget Office as the federal government is on track to post a $2.3 trillion deficit this year. On roughly 900 billion from last year, when the Corona virus caused Congress provide historic amounts of financial aid. Stronger economic growth is help reduce the anticipated shortfall. Still, the deficit could soon be revised upwards of President Biden's $1.9 Trillion coronavirus relief measure becomes law. That aid coming on top of roughly four trillion last year would add more red ink on Wall Street. The Dow was down seven points. Data NASDAQ Up 53 points You're listening to NPR news. One of the Giants of modern jazz, has died. Keyboardist composer and bandleader Chick Corea died Monday. The age of 79. NPR's on Assad's Ius Lucas has this remembrance. Chick Corea was always artistically curious. As a young man in New York he played with Miles Davis at the dawn of jazz fusion, appearing on such landmark albums as Bitches Brew. His own band returned to Forever took that style to new heights of expressiveness..

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