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We figured somebody was gonna sneak into that six to eight seed range in the east. We thought it was going to be the wizards. We didn't expect it to be like the cleveland cavaliers in york knicks or some of these other teams the cleveland. Cavaliers are nine and nine the and they're pretty good. I kind of legit like i know. It could be a legit five hundred team. Especially with jared. Our that was that was a disgrace. All right so we both agree. There should trade bill. I i agree with you. It makes the most sense is the fair thing to do for him before we go to bradley beal trades. Because i have a bunch of the throw you chris ryan in attack yesterday was saying he didn't understand why beal was behaving the way he was behaving on the bench where he was basically acting like He was in a performance performance. Art project trying to see might the most bummed out in the air. And it's funny. You watch on league past. Oh cut he goes out and he's really selling how unhappy and he's got his wife on twitter doing these cryptic tweets. And does he need to calm down like about about two percent here because the answers i mean. Part of of last night was there are so few games on A lot of eyes on washington planned against the pelicans and seeing zion on bill went off twenty four points in the third quarter so that was the reason the kind of to end. But i think you know look. He's he's exhausted and he's frustrated and he said After the game that he he recognized that is probably not the best. Look he said probably i should probably take that down to notch. So yeah but you don't want me coming out and laughing and smiling. I'm not happy we're losing. I don't like losing. I'm frustrated. Okay that's all fair. We like bradley beal. He's one of one of my favorite non celtics. I like the way he handles. His business are specter. Hardy plays i felt like he added. Toned it down ten percent but whatever. I've never been in a situation like that where you know. You're just having the season. I do feel like he was at least partly responsible for the west. Portrayed i don't think they make that trade unless he signs off on it. I just don't and if anything. I had heard that he was kind of pushing for the westbrook piece feeling like it might be an upgrade potentially if they if it was the right price whatever it was clear wall was done. Watch anyway. but you know for anybody to think building sign off on that trade. When this is the guy they're trying to keep as a franchise laughable you'd think he found out in the newspapers that oh we've made this trade. We didn't tell bradley beal. There's no fucking way. He he definitely signed off that trade. So i'm sure he's kicking himself to that. He signed off right. I don't know i mean He would not have had a unique opportunity to know exactly what russell physical condition was and depending on on the message that the team kinda delivered to him he he They might not have said to her. You know might not have been like a choice like you know. Oh we should. Do you want to participate in the decision-making around keeping john versus not keeping john if they went to him and said we got. We're getting rid of john. And i think honestly the franchise reach that conclusion in the summer when he was there was video of him up in new york city in a room and there was cash and there was like you know. They're look like there was stuff going on. That was out outta protocol for sure. Right guys all hanging out and it was just sent the wrong zafira. Yeah and and. I think that's right for washington. And so they were. They had their intent up for trade partners. And i think they went to him and said you know We're going to try and bring somebody in. Are you good with russell. And why would he be good with russell. Assuming russell's healthy. I think they actually set We're going to try to bring somebody in the only guy we can get as russell shirt so take john wall that makes the offer all right so we both agree. They need to trade bradley beal. They need to do it soon. And when we come back. I'm going to give you a whole bunch of bradley beal's trades and you could tell me yesterday. This is a bradley beal trade buffet. It's all next..

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