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Already on thirty three percent higher but a constant construction boom blumenthal a constant acquiring girth will be lowered from we are great better chrysler capital were heard and that the press couldn't get the right age groups in puerto rico say many people are feeling desperate without enough food and water and gasoline needed to run generators atms on the island are set to be running low on cash russian president vladimir putin is traveling to on at today for talks with turkey's president npr's peter kenyon says syria and northern iraq are expected to be on their agenda under a plan for syrian deescalation zones initiated by russia iran and turkey the syrian opposition stronghold of it live province is supposed to be under turkish control turkey's ability to quell violence and russia's recent airstrikes in the province are likely to be discussed so is monday's kurdish independence vote in northern iraq which turkey says will result in sanctions i'm dave mattingly npr news in washington twenty minutes past six now and joe mcconnell has more information about our commute this morning joe the crashes hey worst has turned into a sigler which means is going to be there for at least another thirty minutes blocking elaine southie between east redid ninety the left lane is blocked it's backed up was already backed up to thirty eight outs to solid stop and go and they ride in valeo not really slow but there is still a crash eighty eastbound at redwood with the car off into a ditch the westbound side is sluggish in slow but just the routine as head of the car keita's bridge than picks up in slows good from highway four just pockets of slow into rich with joe mcconnell for kqed thank you joe will check back at the bottom of the hour his report.

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