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Now, they describe it as a new, tiny handheld game system with a bunch of brand new games. We may play just for fun. And I think the reason for that just for fun thing in there is because it's a bit quirky. As game consoles go the key things in the list of quirks, it's bright yellow, like real bright, bright, yellow. But it's got a monochrome screen. So it's just black and white, very low resolution. It's not backlit, and it's widescreen. Like a Game Boy. A bit like a Game Boy, but better, but monochrome. Game Boy, at least had four shades, but it was really just black and white. Yeah, monochrome. You could get stippled effects and stuff like that. It's not super high resolution. But that's okay. You control it with a D pad and an a and a B button, and to further up the quirks, there's a hand crank on the side of it that like pops out and you can wind forward and backwards as an analog control. That's a control it's not a power source. No, no, it's a part of the game control system. Okay. When I first read, it's got a hand crank. I thought, oh, like, one of those radios. You've got to wind it up before you use it. That's what I wondered. I quite like this. I mean, this puts me in mind of those casio single game. Devices that I used to see in the duty free, you know, when we were going on holiday and I would be certain that I wanted this game where you just had to move a tank backwards and forwards with two buttons for that would keep me amused for two weeks. So in terms of games, it's got Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And the games come as part of a season of games. So the device itself will be available from July 29th, so probably from now as you listen to this. It's a $179 on pre order. That's when pre orders open on the 29th. And the games come in a season of 12 weeks and each of those 12 weeks you get two new games. So they're drip fed over. There's 24 games in a season, but they're drip fed to at a time each week over 12 weeks..

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