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With that sort of confidence receiving core that is without their star from last season and to immediately just there. I guess there is something about Matt Campbell in his staff that gets these guys so confident and so comfortable within this offense. He runs, he throws, he goes what? Eighteen of twenty three over three hundred yards. Akeem Butler has some big plays. Milton had a couple of big plays at withing. One went for sixty. So I think it is just be confidence. Preparedness of Matt Campbell in his staff along with the buy from these players in Oklahoma state Taylor, Cornelius has a good game and it's also Iowa State weathering. You know, Justice hill making plays on the ground and through the air and getting four different guys caught touchdown passes Oklahoma state doing everything they needed to do on offense. But ultimately, after that Boise state went in, which that defense looked so good, they've taken. They've taken to significant steps back against Iowa State, Texas Tech. And finally, in the big twelve, we had Baylor thirty, seven k. state thirty four. Baylor minus four was one of my locks, Dan, the fact that the only one this game by three is pretty ridiculous. I am. I am bitter about this because they basically could have blown out case state. They made a lot of stupid mistakes. They had one of those half back passes where the half MAC, like decided before the play, that he was gonna, throw it into whatever coverage, just a lot of dumb stuff. They couldn't stop Alex Barnes. On the ground who had a big game for case day, but ultimately they win on field goal here. Thirty seven to thirty four. Yeah. And I mean there's the old adage of, you know, I you lose ugly, then you lose close than you win close and then you win pretty whatever. And so in that perhaps in granted, aside from that Oklahoma loss that maybe they're going to win some games close in that step up. Connor brewer has a nice enough day. I like the the day that they're both Denzel mims if you saw his ridiculous bobbling touchdown, catch and Jalen Hurd has a nice day and Kansas state showing fight. Alex Barnes was ridiculous. Both through the air and on the ground probably better on the ground. So good for Baylor. This game was tied with eight minutes left and they close out a game against a team that is certainly beatable that that's something also just in terms of the first game you talked about, what are you doing? We'll career three, three interceptions in the red zone. Santa Grier needs to be retired way too. Especially with what West Virginia has coming up. But really fun day, I would say in the big twelve. All right. Let's move over the ACC quick four games that we need to discuss here. Yep, I will run through them quickly..

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