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In Washington DC to Nathan Hager for world and national headlines. Nathan Paul former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is going to be looking for leniency later today when he's sentenced for Bank and tax fraud. But is Bloomberg's Bob moon reports special counsel, Robert Muller isn't hearing what he wants from Manafort, also, it's important to note still awaiting Robert Muller's final report. And so I think that that will be kind of the piece that will tie this all together Washington reporter, Kathleen hunter, here's Bob moon in their last pre sentence submission. Prosecutors accuse Manafort of lacking remorse, but for the appointment of the special counsel. They say Manafort has suggested he would not have been charged with hiding more than fifty five million dollars abroad failing to pay more than six million in Texas and defrauding financial institutions have more than twenty five million dollars the president who said this has nothing to do with him. But that hasn't quilt speculation Trump might pardon metaphor. Once he's sentenced Senator Marco Rubio was warned that would be a disastrous mistake. I think in fact that something like that were to happen. It could trigger debate about whether the pardon powers should be amended. A pardon Rubio who said would not pass the smell test. Bob moon. Bloomberg radio the house plans to vote later today on a resolution against bigotry. That's after some Democrats came out against an earlier Bill condemning anti semitism was seen as an indirect slap at freshman congresswoman Ilhan, Omar for comments she's made about Israel's influence on US policy. Michigan democrat, Debbie Dingle me to be clear this entire institution Republicans and Democrats that we stand up against hatred bigotry and move onto what he the American people. Want us to do the Queen has posted her first Instagram Queen Elizabeth the second used an ipad to Sharon image from the science museum in London on the Royal family Instagram account,.

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