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On this April Tuesday night, Tom window, trying to close down a win to start the series for the iron picks. Windows. One one two buys takes two and one Joshua's over three. The couple strikeouts. And a groundout to second last thought. His third game up in AAA and tonight against his old organization that drafted. Windows two one two by swings. And he rolls it fell off of his right leg. And it's two and two. The PawSox got the first run in this game in the I league valley scored in the third fourth and fifth the pasta scout within one in the fifth and then the last four to the iron picks to to buy swings in fights it back down. Sure looked like when Roussin castio hit the home run in the bottom of the fifth inning. A three run opposite field shot into the bleachers. That the PawSox were right back in it. And they were. To to to buy swings. Any bounces at found on the third base line between the coaches box in the Bank. But it's now nine four Lehigh valley. And the PawSox again down to their final strike. Wendell peers in over the right hip gets the signed from girl.

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