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Coast to coast in canada across north america and around the globe on the world wide web this is race line on the race wine radio network presented by subaru at race one is driven by the twenty eighteen subaru wrx and wrx says ti rally proven street legal learn more at subaru dot ca by the subaru be ours add the formula four performance and by continental tire for what you do presented by subaru candidates your national radio motor sport authority very slim radio network is on the air i'm eric thomas hosted anchor welcome to our job willer skin is our spring commander race line master control the palladian handling the network function this week our official preview the one hundred second running of the greatest spectacle in racing the biggest raise in the biz the indianapolis five hundred with two canadians on the show because heartbroken james hinchcliffe fails to qualify for the big one which shows his patented class afterwards we have the sound back after seven years in nascar the best female performer at the five hundred democratic is back for one more try we have her comments let's notes opinions and entries who subaru raisani mailbag trivia contest your chance to grab that price back in the race rap subaru is back for year twentysix hint says he didn't make it nobody's fault but there's well wiccans and demento get it done with it carpenter around the pole and harvick stays all star hot so for race fans across canada the us around the world powerful sport powerful radio for more than a quarter century this is the race line radio network this is simon fashion oh and you're listening to race lane radio okay michael your first word in the twentieth eighteen national spelling bee is adrenaline adrenaline w r x s t i adrenaline.

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