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Seven Major league Baseball games were postponed this evening in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake, overcast and 82 degrees this Thursday. August 27th Good evening, Simonetta Benita. WCBS news time 8 31. Ordinarily you'd be listening to the Met game right now. But the Mets and Marlins decided not to play tonight in protest over the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Both teams took the field in full uniform but had no intention of playing arm. It's radio duo Howie Rosen. Wayne Randazzo talked about what happened. This is a moment in history for Major league baseball for the New York Mets for the Miami Marlins. This was a different sort of moment. Then what we've seen across baseball with the teams that elected not to play yesterday or today. Mets, symbolically taking the field behind Dominic Smith, and it should be noted that Dominic Smith was the first meant to take the field tonight. Billy Hamilton was the second and then the rest of the team took their respective positions. As they went out. The Marlins got ready with Lewis Brinson. Who is also an African American athlete out there as the leadoff batter tonight for the Marlins, and he went up to home plate. That's when the moment of silence occurred. We're told it was a 42 seconds. Moment of silence. And on the eve of Jackie Robinson Day. Well, you know what the number 42 stands for? Yes, sir. I just wonder what Jackie Robinson would have to say about the state of affairs in this country? Never mind in the game of baseball. There is no word yet on when the game will be rescheduled. CBS.

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