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And health problems for people across so cal hospitals have reported treating hundreds of patients for smoke inhalation and asthma attacks experts say sinn and winds have push smoke to place is not threatened by flames so the urged people to stay indoors even if you can't smell or see smoke or ash news brought to you and then it's cooling and under that heat and pressure it's hardening enda the biggest most famous ignace rock for a home decor is a granite a which is i solicitious rock which means it's made out of silicates like mica and quartz courts is the most common mineral in the earth's crust so it's very very hard at the same time though it's made out of these a silicates and so it's porous it's hard and dense and porous all at the same time the third category of natural stone is metamorphosis a metamorphosis rock is where things get really confusing but i'm just gonna really simplify it for you metamorphised rock is win any time that the other two types sedimentary which comes from the top down ignace what's comes from the earth's crust up its any time these already formed rocks our once again captured by the earth under heat and pressure and exposed to another series of changes in other words earth in other words they they met a morph they change again and what happens when you taken 'agni a stone or a sedimentary stone that has already formed under natural processes and subjected to heat and pressure again you get a metamorphised stone like marble which was once sedimentary limestone and you get quartz which was once sedimentary sandstone so really the truth is there are only two major families of stone originally sedimentary top down ignomious from the crust up and.

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