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I don't like how easy to idolize are found. They're you know in our saying got it. I was the fourth person to get a clue on where to just try to dig for Heidel. It it didn't mean I was gonna find it. But, you know, then then the next guy would have found it, then or you know, whatever. But I it's e-. It's kind of too easy. You look at any funky stump or something else. Like that. And you find something that's like holy crap. You know, it it it that part of it tends to be a little bit newsy though. It is a wild card in the game too, many of them. I think ruins it. And I like the idea that once it's play. Eight or goes off there's another one tweet back in. I do like the idea of having in in the challenge. They got a clue and maybe it was hard for them to get the clue. But now, they got a risk everything to try to get it and. Yeah, that's that's that's pretty exciting that that's a good TV thing. 'cause you know, it's like the the NFL how they put the little ring around the guy that actually has the ball may put a little ring around where the the idol is in the challenge in the guy looking at it. You know, it's kind of cool. Yeah. Yeah. Kinda cool. Terry one of the twists that they've added this season as the idea of the idol nullify, or does that help help things or hurt things in your mind that you have a thing now that can take an idol away or do you not like it because it's another thing? I would rather a nut. Sure. If I it is different. And people are always looking for something different and survivor, and I think at the end of this season, they'll they'll say, wow. You know, we like that. Or we get it like it. It is something else. I mean, why not just put another right all out there that you can use as an idol or you can Trump somebody else's idol that way to idle the Trump. I don't know. I don't know about that brand name might be could be controversial T bird Trump. I don't okay, I. I like top good good top idol. Didn't go to fighter pilots stuff in there. I have to say this here. You know? I know everybody knows you know, how well you did during the twelve season in Panama. What you you quite third? And I know we were all disappointed. You know, you know, I was pulling for second chances for you to be pulled from the game. But you know, it's funny. How I know things happen for a reason. And the way you were pulled in the way it changed your life as far as your family and with Danny and trysts attrition Kailai. It's really very cool story. But I just I don't want save this because. Dany and your family, certainly rights awareness. Organ donation, which is is you know with Danny strong. So I wanna say kudos to your family for everything y'all done for that. And and it reminds me to you know, back in Africa hopes was able to pull in the aids epidemic. And then all every all the money from everything that was auctioned off was given to Glazer pediatric aid. So it's so cool that this wonderful cool family survivor is able to bring in all these storylines that affect everybody, and certainly Danny strong did. So who knows Steve ask for that? Well, thank you so much, and you know, and and a lot of that goes to both ano- greedy, and Jeff because we we approached both of them and Anna Grady from CBS for those that don't know she is. And they were they were both. They were both on board in a heartbeat. And it was kind of weird because Jeff had recently been like the keynote speaker at I think it was the Dallas the Dallas Texas regional organ donation foundation. Wow. And he he met he met recipients. And and people who gave you know, you know, one of two organs that they had and it all that type of thing. And he's like, oh my God. He goes this was like Sarah dividends. And and then we get around and do this big auction, which we raised one hundred and two thousand dollars for the Boston children's hospital under, you know, under the any strong fun. And you know, he was like oh my God..

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