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Are very clear. They don't take money from corporations. They they they they they. They have core principles around around aligning with frontline communities. And whether or not they live up to those principles is know. I is a separate debate. Abu but but you know i have a whole chapter In in this changes everything about just the scandalous Funday of some of the biggest groups like nature conservancy main. Edf on the coolest show. You know this this this place to listen. Listen they're funded by wall street. Edf a group like eds is not powerful because it has a mass membership you know And end at an in in because it is a big movement it's powerful because it has tons of money and it has tons of money because it is funded by the gates started getting a massive amount of funding from wall street in in the nineteen eighties. So yes a group like that. I think deliberately plays that that. That referee will quote unquote referee. But but the deals that get made systematically sacrificed frontline communities So it's like yeah you can keep polluting but will buy some set over here and so the community that is polluted which is invariably are almost invariably community color invariably a poor community Is is is sacrificed in the name of of some compromises than you you you buy a forest somewhere in the global south and the indigenous people who used to have access to that forest for their livelihood get locked out turns into a kind of a tree museums. And then you know it's just another form of financial you know game play right. You're moving carbon around around. The financial markets like derivatives and. That's the rule that group that some of these groups of played really sinister roles. In my view i tell a story in this changes. Everything about the nature conservancy actually Getting into the oil drilling business on a piece of land that they were protecting And and they. They decided to make some money by allowing oil drilling on Conservation lands of that. Were there's You wouldn't think a a green group would itself be drilling for oil. But there's some shocking stuff going on. I do think it is important to differentiate between back kind of quote unquote big green and three fifty and greenpeace And friends of the earth. I mean they they. They're not all alike but they all have big sierra club. You know a a a big big problem Some of them are taking more seriously than than others in some ways. I think it's too kind Because referee would involve some kind of like negotiation with the most with both sides and many of these deals get made got made without any communication with with the people who are being sacrificed. It was just a backroom deal that the people found out about after the fact right. Well there's so much there. I think that We have to really look at you. Know what it means to be an ally and what it means to be to be an accomplished and also what it what it means to hold accountable and measurable. I think a lot of times. I've seen you know small groups and communities who actually worked directly with a few companies because they have because they've been having been touched by To organizations and that they've come and say i get in five or ten thousand dollars And then they're being they're being over the coals And i'm like well why we support him. I mean why. Don't i mean how can you. How can you have one hundred million dollars fifty dollars or two thousand dollars. And then you're running these of the coals for taking twenty thousand. Why don't we figure out how to give those organizations and groups. Take away the need to want to work with But that's a that's a much bigger piece. actually this interview. Thank you so much. This is amazing This competition is actually going to play on earth day so And that's directly. Because they're the new administration is hosting a world climate summit on earth day. So kinda want your voice to be voice that parallels that so knowing that what you're saying now is going to be heard on earth day what do you want to see happen To to make to make that summit meaningful and share any ideas you have on ship between biden and the prime minister of canada. Happy future day. I think we have real potential in this moment And the. I think they're the greatest opportunity that we have is that for a long time. A lot of us have recognized that we are up against such a profound crisis You know that it does require a scale of action and mobilization that has not been seen since the second world war and the trouble. Was that most of us have never had a lived experience with that speed of change with that scale of change right within. Look at history and say oh well. Didn't they do something where they retrofitted all the factories and changed everything virtually overnight or we can think about what happened during during the new deal with dozens and dozens of new programs in rural electrification in massive funding for the arts and n two billion trees planted by this conservation corps Able to do that in the nineteen thirties. But you know we're not going to be able to do that with capitalism roaring at the at the speed that it's worrying now You know and obviously historical A reference points. It's not to say we want to imitate it because both of them ek system adequately discriminated against excluded Black people immigrants women So we need. We need something. We've never done before right. But the reason why i think it is worthwhile thinking about moments in history where deep transformation was on the agenda concluding reconstruction Is that it shows that it is possible that it isn't a human nature that is incapable of change. It right it is something about our current system and the reason why i say that we are at a relief unique moment. Is that the the the argument against changing like that at that scale at that speed reface of the climate crisis was that our economy wasn't crisis by.

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