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That that is far more involved in an oral tradition in some ways if we think about litsch term storytelling than than the written word indeed the a very very important and a few that they should be told lake there were told to me as part of literature you're listening to the bbc world service this is the out saleh and more fell now film and ice skating i tonia has just ended self three oscar nominations best actress the mugger wealthiest tanya she produced a movie to a best supporting actress nomination to the peerless allison janney who place twenty his mother and a best editing note how did they create those jumps and axles that in 1991 the figure skater tonya harding became the first american to perform the highly tricky triple axel jump in competition she had her sights set on olympic glory bucks in 1994 she became embroiled in a huge controversy when her exhusband organized a physical attack on her rival nancy kerrigan scream stephen roach roaches has revisited the rise in subsequent four of tonya harding in the film i tanya anti fabulously exam as the very small and selective world figure skating for the movie he extensively interviewed tonia antar exhusband jeff gillooly jovan cape her from mid day on our part the station wnyc asked stephen whether he did all the interviews are dared our despite the fact that i've actually never interviewed anybody i didn't tell them that i tracked down tonya harding and i tracked down jeff the louis and i got them to agree for me interview yelm and their stories were so wildly contradictory they really did not remember anything the same i just thought while that's how i'll tell the story of just put everybody's point of view in there and then let the audience decide what to believe how much of the movie is actual verbatim conversation from the principles and how much of it is just you filling in the blank well i'm better written in there uh but it was a lot of it was was from them out as front on when they're looking at the camera and talking to the camera were those the internet sump yet i mean if summit some of it was that and.

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