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Group h here we go the group of death of course rail madrid borussia dortmund tottenham hotspur and apple well nicosia of cyprus all right uh how does the spurs fan make peace with this how do you make peace with it you tell me well i did chided tell you yeah we talked about it in the immediate aftermath and by the way i i saw your tweet uh after this have been announced just a series of hamas you really had fun with the that portion of the draw didn't you d absurd nece the spurs eagerness of this one was what made me laugh not that anything untoward is happening to you also magor for the spurs von as well that's not that's not the case it was just that is ridiculous but you know i taught about it after awhile and seen as you asked me first i'll tell you you're not in the champions league to play apple well nicosia although he will be not in it to pay cairo by right you're in it for those big night you're in a tip play madrid you're in it to play borussia dortmund this is what it's on a boat i don't want to have a loser's mentality in this but if you are a tottenham fan out there who is trying to cope with this what i would say is is is exactly that i mean this this is kind of why you qualify i don't believe no matter what group was the tottenham we're going to be drawn into a navy is a dirty little secret that will bother fellow spurs fans uh i don't believe that they were going to win this tournament no matter what so you may as well have a few really really memorable european nights against just the class of the continent and give yourself a chance to create a memory to create something really special who knows if spurs go out.

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