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Uh with reservations because it's it's kind of form was in many ways but the documentary who's streets is is uh pretty uh grow the flamboyant fund no no they've done his briefly is to relevant to what we just talked about to not mentioned personal goes round level look at at ferguson up the ferguson unrest in it and its aftermath and and they're block lies about her movement and watching this film and battle of algiers in detroit to back to all kinds of interesting echoes of men and the escalation between the protest in the polices two similar to nor also yeah i recommend that but also as all be hopscotch which is coming out or is out already on on a criterion blu ray and and dvd and it is a delight it is a uh a lighthearted a spy thriller odri pay ronald may constructively tomography is kind of all over the place i tried to elegant us in the horse's mouth and you directed such film this the poseidon adventure and meet your uh this is a really skilfully malcolm starring water math elza as a cia agent whose job is trying to get out of the game and can't quite do it in kinda walks away from the job and threatens to publish i tell all memoir and is is followed around the globe by his former coworkers who who include a net beatty and a very young sam waterston than a jackson his his love interest in it uh but i mean everyone's grape at one of method always so great is hide the ultimate water math uh kind of shrugging his way through life role it is a at an amazing performance any delightful spry film filled with a greater musicals q so i would highly recommend film hopscotch and it will just.

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