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I will be joined by former NFL linebacker now does a great job on the Vikings radio broadcast team also does college football on fox bend lever will join us and then at four AM eastern we'll spend a few minutes with the former NFL quarterback always does a phenomenal job when he's on with us and that is Joe thighs been so whole lot to do we're we will have to start the show though is with Tyree kill Amil sprinkle in some other things along the way as well I usually when the NFL has a ruling in terms of discipline I'm no longer surprise with what happens it usually doesn't shock me anymore and I usually don't have a great reaction because of the inconsistencies that we've seen over the years whether it's been a key Roberts suggesting no games for Z. Kelly and he ends up getting sex with ray rice all the NFL claims they never saw the tape he gets two games then they see the tape and ray rice never plays again and we could do this for days even going back to Josh brown at a residence in at the pro ball family had to be separated they only given to games then the diary the journal entries comes out and then all the sudden it's more of a suspension and you never see Josh brown play again so usually when you have an off the field and said in the National Football League I don't have a great reaction anymore because the NFL it seems to me usually just throws a dart on the board and wherever it lands that's the formula they come up with on how to rule suspension however if you want to told me with all that being said last week that Tyree kill would have received no games I would have been surprised and even what I just said I was surprised by this yesterday when I'm perusing Twitter and I see the news break whether it's from James Palmer Adam Schefter Ian Rapoport that Tyree kill will get no games at first year refreshing you go am I will get an onion article is this a fake Twitter account and you see the blue check mark and you say wow hi we kill really got all fear with the zero game suspension so it's tough to be surprised with the NFL anymore but here I am surprised that he got zero and let me be clear we don't know who broke Tyree kills sons are could have been Tyree kill could've been crystallized but all authorities do believe a crime did a car they just don't know who committed it and it just turned into whether you've heard the excerpts of the audio or the entire let the minute conversation that our friends in Kansas city did release last week it's turned into a giant game of he said she said so the NFL decided to suspend Tyree kill for zero games just based on that that it's a he said she said there's no concrete evidence we don't know who's responsible for breaking the arms so we're not going to suspend Tyree cal I would understand if it was just that if they came out and said we don't know who did what and we're gonna give them a zero game suspension I could at least comprehend that however there are other circumstances here and that audio does exist and you can spend it in different ways pro crystallize but all pro Tyree killed however something that I'll never be able to raise from my mind and for my memory when talking about this is that there was a prior incident back in two thousand and fourteen Tyree kill innocent before but in the National Football League it's when he was in college he did plead guilty and there was a prior incident with the same woman and on the audio tape you hear Tyree kill with a already a past in domestic violence set a course bus but all whether it was in frustration whether it was in reality regardless of what the circumstances were and how we explain that there is that audio been saying you should be terrified of me too and he uses the B. word and with that being said and I said this last week Joe solely based off that audio I thought at a bare minimum he was going to get two to four games most likely for games and then with the other circumstances that play I thought this suspension could get as high as six or eight games that's what I was thinking that is going to be somewhere in the.

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