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Doesn't want the guy mad at him because he cut him and so he so he blames it on somebody else i mean that's the worst thing to do i used to say all the time like look the one thing is when you cut a player or you release a player let's not have this in an organization where i wanted to keep you but they wanted to cut you like that's the worst thing you can do or you know it's the cbs players don't wanna hit that players see right through that you need to say to the player look here's what we cut you here's our thinking we could be wrong but this is why we came up with the decision we didn't think you could do this or that be a man and tell them what you think don't sit there and tell blame it on the system the system was in place before you trade it for them straightforward be up front and the rest will usually work out well that's what they say i want to talk about a quarterback that is drawing eyeballs and and making you know lots of conversation i mean there's been conversation that he is going to be involved in the offense in some way whether it is he is a quarterback or not and that is lamar jackson of the baltimore ravens rg three said that he wants to nurture lamar jackson and it can't wait to see him fly away and take off the season so th there's just a lot of buzz around lamar jackson what's going on with the baltimore ravens i was so we understand the situation with flacco being there and a and a semi lame duck scenario so ju just lamar jackson himself what are you hearing a and is this good for the ravens you know to have a guy like this lamar did exactly what we thought he would do before the draft when we were talking on the draft shows on gm street we talked about how he's going to go in there and what he's going to do is he's going to mesmerize the veterans and that's a veteran dominant team i mean pieces will controls that team pretty much so when he watches this guy he's how fast is and watches him do the things and some of the things he does or not great i mean let's face it he's been inaccurate at times during practice i'm told.

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