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There was something undeniably extraordinary about George Burroughs. Here's Stacy Schiff once again, his contractual, but I think it's something a little bit different. I think with Burroughs Burroughs goes to Maine and protects his parishioners in a very small community against a hideous, very savage, Indiana salt, and he's forced to do that. Because the Massachusetts authorities have essentially stopped protecting those communities because they don't have the funds to do it in. They're trying to cut back, and I feel as if I might have been a piece of residual guilt there for having left those communities on protected boroughs would've had every reason to chastise them for cutting off those settlers who are really at the very forefront of the really at the edge of the frontier and getting no protection. And he'll right. The one document we have his which is fairly extraordinary is an account of an Indian Ray at on the community where he's protecting his prisoners inside barricade, and he writes it in biblical terms. It's an astonishing document in which he. Proves to be a very courageous ingenious, man. But if Burroughs was painting himself in a biblical light. And perhaps adding in in Beller sements about his prowess in cunning. Those traits might have backfired. Interesting thing boroughs is that he's very strong, and he's very Tanny and a lot of testimony against him will be testimony about his somehow magical strength. How did he lift that barrel? How did he fire that very long musket? How is it possible that he heard that conversation from that distance? How did you get to be two places? At once not everything about boroughs was a rumor about his strength or brilliance. There were some who viewed parts of his life, or at least the rumors about them as less than savory to them that nickname of king of hell made a lot of sense. Here's Mary Beth Norton boroughs is the right person to be the leader of the witches because he's a minister. And because he's a kind of a weird minister that is he's never been. Deigned. He's been educated at Harvard, and because there's all kinds of gossip about him, which I explore in my book, he has a very peculiar relationship with his wives. It's hard to know a lot about the details. But he seems to have been quite brutal. And quite an aggressive husband. He at least is accused of beating them, or at least being very controlling of them. He wants them to quote, keep his secrets. And so the question becomes what are those secrets? He wants them to keep. So when Burroughs began his trial on August. Biff the courtroom was packed even ministers from up and down the coast had made the journey to see one of their peers stand trial. Maybe they were there to silently root for one of their own or perhaps they were nervous about their own safety and saw Burrows trial as a canary in the mine for their own future. Boroughs supernatural strength was a topic of discussion. As was his unnatural, cunning never mind. The fact that both of those characteristics had been exaggerated in descriptions of the native American raid on his community in Maine, and he used that cunning in the courtroom to his life was on the line after all I'm not sure any of us would have done it any other way. He knew the court system better than almost all of the accused. He knew the rules and procedure. He knew what his rights were. And what the magistrates had to accommodate for example. He began his defense by exercising. His right to challenge the perspective. Jurors after discussing each of them he requested that a few of them be replaced. It was smart and logical. He was trying to bring order to the chaotic trial that was sweeping innocent people along in the flood. But from the outside looking in it also looked like trickery, no one else played the system. So well, so naturally people assume that this was the sort of thing you might expect from the reputed wizard known as the king of hell there were witnesses with stories about him. Tormenting them stories about him leading the coven of witches in their plot to destroy the puritan experiments even courtroom Fiat Trix as some of the afflicted bell into trances and seizures at the sight of him. It was all what you might expect at this point. And yet all somehow worse. Boroughs, put up a mighty fight. But in the end, even he failed to beat the magistrates at their game..

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