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For us right now, You know we're going to do a lot of stuff up Covid. And I think one of the things like movies basically told us Stop, stop testing and just treat the symptoms that were like now we're going to figure out what's going on and keep trying to keep this thing under control. So M L B s. You stop testing. Yes. And just sort of try to play and move on. And don't worry about it. Yeah. Wow. Well, the Red Sox MLB have both refuted these claims, saying the comments are quote completely wrong and inaccurate. So in or out, the MLBPA should investigate this matter. Absolutely. You do anything that, um, good, possibly protect your own. That's your job. I mean, it's not just contractual stuff and collectively, bargain stuff. Th No, D h blah, blah. I mean, it's stuff like this. That is You know, in in in certain situations, life or death now. This is either incredibly irresponsible on the part of Hunter Renfroe or somebody's lying. I can't imagine that Major league baseball Or the Red Sox would be so cavalier to just blatantly overtly lie. Like to be in cahoots, man, You know, Listen, guys. It's kind of getting out of hand. So let's go to stop administering the tests. Just take whatever they give you. Let's try to sweep this under the rug. What I mean, that would be that would be that would be what may be the biggest bombshell in forget about steroids that would be beyond comprehension. I can't believe that That's the case, but one of their players said it. They need to investigate inbounds. Are you in or are you out? Freddie Freeman is the reigning and L M V P credit. Hall of Fame caliber resume in his 12 years in Atlanta. However, the 31 year old five time All Star is a free agent at the end of the season and our buddy John Haman tweeted yesterday quote there is still a gap in negotiations, so free agency appears strongly surprisingly possibility. Hammond also said that the most obvious comparison is Paul Goldschmidt, who also at age 21 got a five year $130 million deal from the Cardinal meet at age 31. Goldsmith got it. That's why I said No, you said 20 I got. I'm just making sure we're good. We're good. Okay, good from the Cardinals that average out to about 26 year after the signing bonus, so in or out, Freeman should get at least 30 year in his next contract. Man. I like Freddie Freddie. Freddie Freeman is a baseball player, Freddie Freeman's of baseball player, and by the way, the looks of of Instagram from about a year or so goes little boy is going to be a baseball player, too. You guys see that? He just rifle that we had to be three rifle, the whiffle ball. It would mess around with his dad in the backyard. I like Freddie Freeman. I saw a good story, I guess was, I think was on ESPN like a Real long piece on his his background and his relationship with his dad. I root for Freddie Freeman. He is a very, very good baseball player. He's got the M V. P. Mike said five all stars, but he's going to be 32 in two days. If I like to keep him in Atlanta for his career, I really would like to have that happen. I mean, I I what kind of money we're talking about? Five. You know, five years of Buck 30. I'm less worried about the A V and the length of the contract. If it's five years I can swing that if it's like, seven or eight. I got.

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