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. Russian president Vladimir Putin announcing a 36 hour ceasefire in the war against Ukraine. Keep it here for more details on these stories in the minutes ahead. One 48. Time for traffic and weather on the 8s? Back to Steve dresner in the WTO traffic center. In Virginia, a new crash being reported bit of a delay now we're finding was found 66 right after the dulles access road, the crash activity, blocking the center of the roadway. We are seeing delays. Now a bit of good news, if you will, we have roadwork set up both directions on the beltway between the GW Parkway and the Georgetown pike. It is now cleared in both directions. Now on the outer loop, we had two trucks. I'll get together against the left Jersey wall right at the exit for the Georgetown pike on the left side. That's been clear. The bottom line is traveling open on the beltway in both directions between the GW Parkway and the Georgetown pike. Unfortunately, the outer loop delays go all the way back and over the American legion bridge in a Montgomery county, and we are finding delays beginning in the area of river road. Again, unfortunately. Otherwise, we're in decent shade currently on three 95. We're dealing with a brush fire activity. Northbound 95 after the Prince William Parkway block and the left wing, seeing a bit of a delay leading up to New England. Winter north are newington opens up nicely all the way to the Springfield interchange. Again, westbound 66 also backed up, we have crash activity center of the road as I mentioned right near the dulles access road with delays, not affecting the trip over on the eastbound side. Over a Maryland a decent ride on the beltway throughout prince George's county at the Chesapeake Bay bridge, westbound span they did pick up the cones, mid span, were waiting for the left lane to reopen, but for now, it's two to the right, getting over that westbound span eastbound, both travel lanes are currently open with no delays

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