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A memorial grows in Atlanta hi Dave Anthony fox news in the parking lot of a Wendy's was burned down over the weekend in protest of the shooting death of a black man on Friday the drive as much as one point and that racial in the back as he ran that's helpful police say Brooks had grabbed an officer's taser and pointed at him during the foot chase and that is when the officer shot him the officer who fired the shots Ralph was terminated immediately and fellow officer Devin Bronson placed on administrative duty but Brooks's wife says that's not enough fox is Jonathan staring at lane is that she wants a murder charge something the district attorney is still investigating the autopsy report called it a homicide case adds to the calls for police reform following George Floyd's death during an arrest last month in Minneapolis one of the challenges that we have in the split second decisions is the need for more training that's why the de escalation aspect of my bill in the house bill is so critically important so that we don't Reese re revert back to basic fear senator Tim Scott on CBS face the nation he's a black Republican leading the effort to write a bill in the Senate an American accused by Russia of being a spy it's just been convicted fox assignment and as the details live Dave pull Leland has been sentenced to sixteen years in prison by a court in Moscow after being convicted on charges of espionage the retired marine was arrested a year and a half ago he's always insisted he was set up outside the court the US ambassador to Russia John Sullivan saying no evidence was presented at the trial I'm disappointed crestfallen just heard me ma pull Leland's brother is courting the verdict political and saying lawyers will appeal Dave master Amazon smart speaker devices from fox because listening to fox news connected continues with one oh six one FM talk the number of coronavirus cases continues to climb at a high pace public health officials reported the second largest daily jump yesterday with fifteen hundred new cases confirmed there are now more than forty four thousand statewide the number of hospitalizations did drop back down to under eight hundred the search continues this morning for three suspects accused of firing multiple shots in wake county sheriff's deputies it happened in Zebulon Sunday night around plantation drive deputies say they were targeted by fire from both hand guns and rifles fortunately no one was hit K. nine officers and drones are involved in the search Greensboro launching an initiative for residents to voice their frustrations regarding police brutality Richard Stalin reports there's a new initiative called race or reflecting on and considering experiences it allows people to share their own stories and thoughts about police brutality and racial injustice city officials say once the fight is lost residents can submit ninety second responses which will all be compiled into one video the deadline is July fourth I'm Richard styling voting by mail this November will be a bit easier governor Cooper signed legislation lessening the witness requirement it used to require to now just takes one signature a search is continuing today for a missing man on lake Norman investigators say they got a call yesterday after he jumped from a boat near the highway one fifty bridge and never came back up alcohol may have been a factor crews look for the man until bad weather forced the search to be postponed until they're able to head back out this morning one member of the Carolina Panthers has high hopes for new head coach Matt rule safety Trey Boston was a guest of the rap sheet plus friends podcast he said the new head coach can get the Panthers back on the winning track Boston says rule has the it factor coaches need to be successful I'm Carl Wilson from the JD ServiceNow plumbing heating and air conditioning traffic center roads that cut problem free moving on time construction watch for ships and lane closures for work in both directions of weight Avenue between ridge road and Edwards mill I'm Scott part at one oh six one FM talk Denver weather pattern as we kick off the new week clouds in an occasional rain in the forecast this morning and this afternoon highs will stay cool in the low sixties tonight catering tomorrow rain with a high near sixty five year old is restricted from the weather channel one of six one half and talk.

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