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Good tuesday morning to you it's the fifteenth of may the one hundred thirty fifth day of two thousand eighteen there were two hundred thirty days left in the year make each and every day count each day is a gift and our gift is waking up together led by our news director dick thanks for all that news of mornings paul w appreciate it richard steve courtney sports and more good morning everyone had mice around ready for sports betting dana clark it's a mess out there exit to coming into west grand boulevard i didn't see it and all of a sudden i felt like i was water skiing me to the same way so be careful there are executive producer and thomas good morning good morning and then we're putting dana right to work at five forty five or wjr traffic and weather first on the fives with the mess and dana clark sponsored by rumor floors and bloomfield hills accident along seventy five southbound at twelve mile that earlier collision is clear flooded along hines drive built direction shutdown between outer drive and ann arbor trail and as we just mentioned be careful traveling out there this morning on those exit ramps celebrate national stan moffat reamer floors receive up to one thousand dollars backed by rebate in addition to remorse sale prices on all care stan carpet sale ends june fourth visit rimmer floors dot com i'm dana clark wjr traffic first on the fives.

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