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From nineteen seventy six norman. Connah's featuring michael henderson. This song was a hit hot hot slow jam. They still play this on the quiet storm. And this was done with norman connors. Who is an american jazz drummer. Composer arranger producer was led some influential jazz and rb groups. One of the singers that he worked with also at this time was the legendary. I would say jazz pop. rmb singer. miss phyllis hyman. He worked with michael henderson. Who was the vocalist on his song. But michael henderson is an arm be bass player who has played with the dramatics as well as aretha. Franklin we celebrate them both right here on a bowl of soul put near little jazz r. and b. grew with you are my starship coming up next you to check out this groove because you know you heard this group before but you heard it with erica. Badu but we're going to give you the original dream lama by torika blue. And this is a bowl of so uh-huh a Giving you some classic jazz.

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