Perry Liberia, Deir Elzor, Fa Helmi discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


Flash stocks are higher in european trade rubber native woman 955 oil wti traits fifty four 94 opd headquarters of one percent of bread sixty one dollars twelve cents the oil complex is deemed quite honestly we're looking at a sank can we could consecutive gains on the stock 600 despite the fact that a couple of ideas have been pulled here in european trading rossi the alters media and chemicals sector lead the trades on the upside akiva and back of all pull the london ipo's because the concerned a type market volatility that's a communications company akiva a back avoid a a food company both of those ideas have been pulled not when it comes at currencies cable trades at one thirty 58 dan's 01 percent but it did dropped by over one point four percent at one junkie yesterday as gadfly nicely puts it tani pulled the rug from under it neath sterling he's gone for a dovish hiked by twenty five basis points perhaps lost the initiative in galvanizing the market leaving his propensity to do another hike next year i favoured would the day the pine just that the vicissitudes of brexit they make making caroline have could smile at least in the radio the dollar is bid update the one percent if you can call it a bit up to one percent 94 seventy at the dollar index eleven eight is one point 83 up a third of one percent dollaryen one 1410 flat on the day detained your government paper trades at two point three five so the bond market seems to be a little bit disbelieving of the facility of this administration in the united states to deliver tax reform those your markets kelvin jones's with all the other news iran good morning good morning manner astonished course has issued a european arrest learned full mclaughlin needed tell us peach simone and fulham members of his cabinet that's couldn't bustamante lawyer he's been speaking t spanish news agency fa helmi has retaken deir elzor the last major stronghold of islamic state in syria according to state television series brokaw's dishonest says the city is completely liberated from terrorism by perry liberia's green court will today hit the challenge to last month's election disputes preparations for a.

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