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Move for PT dot com slash choose PT. And now back to this episode of MU Ford radio now, I realized that all all cases are different and there are different types of headaches and so on, but what might the duration of physical therapy. I mean is this something that with the help of a physical therapist might be resolved in a matter of days weeks gonna kinda can be longer. So that's a good question. Because that also depends on what type of headache the person has. So if the server Janik, neck pain headache, those symptoms can be resolved in as little as four to six visits. But if patient may receive up to eight to twelve visits, but we can almost say that physical therapy should take care of that kind of headache. No problem, whereas a migraine headache because migraines are so complex. We may have patient and physical. He's for 'cause he twelve is up to eighteen visits for various reasons person with a migraine, we wouldn't progress. Them as quickly because there's some things are going to be more eared -able, so they are more sensitive. So they may receive more session with a gradual progression. And then attention type headache kind of falls in between could be as little as eight visits up to twelve is it with attention type in surfer genyk, we can be confident that there's sometimes real decrease and improve to almost a hundred percent. Whereas the Nygren we're hoping for any kind of relief migraine, again is very complicated. So it's really hard to say how much really they'll get. And I'll usually tell the person or the patient that we should see some kind of difference. But I can't tell you how much of the difference. We should note that headaches or a specific clinical interest viewers. Could you tell us a little bit about why why that is what what led you down that road? And and what if you will you find particularly challenging and perhaps rewarding about working with people to identify the source of their headache and to try to alleviate it. So how'd they have become such passion mine for many, different reasons, but I was trained to therapies so I started to see just a typical PT case the neck pain headache type of patient. And then when the word got out that I treated headache. Then I would get patients where they didn't fit that criteria of the Serb accused Rennick neck pain headaches. So I had to do a lot of research and reading on other types of headaches and things where I could provide a really good differential diagnosis and figure out. What's exactly going on with the patient as far as what type of headache, they may have? So that I can give the best treatment to that patient. So that's one reason. And then just seeing a lot of headache patience throughout the years. I feel like us this caseload these patie-. Can fall through the cracks where people aren't sure what to do with them like different healthcare. They may see a variety of different healthcare providers and not get the care. They need simply because maybe a certain healthcare provider wasn't trained in headache. So for example, I just have this girl who found me online? And she said she'd been going to doctors for five years without any relief, and she was just exhausted. And then finally she looked me up. She told me online came to me for a few sessions, and she started feeling better right away. Just by the education that I'd given her. So I just feel like it's I guess you could say it's underserved, or many people don't know that PT can make such a big difference with these patients, and you must have other stories like that. I do any other cases come to mind where you were able to help someone who perhaps thought that there. They weren't gonna get any relief anytime soon. Yes. I have tons of stories, but another one that comes to mind, and this one is time is I have a patient that comes to me saying that they've been diagnosed with migraine and they've been taking my migraine medications and doing interventions for migraine, which has not help. Then I'll do my valuation in the clinic. And it turns out there headache was not a migraine, and it was actually different types of headache coming from again, I see a ton of surpa Janik neck pain headaches. So again, it was one of these types of headaches. We did physical therapy and they were already feeling differences in two weeks of therapy. So I do see a lot of that the migraine diagnosis because I feel like everybody thinks the headache is a migraine. So as much education as we can get out there that there's tons of different headaches and different things that you can do based on headache. You have I just like to get the word out on that an educated as many people as I can on that case. Doing the case with migraines. I mean, people think I have a migraine. It's just something I'm going to have to kind of manage over a very long period of time. But it could be something that can be in fact resolved. Yes. So typically migraine headaches start in the front and radiate backwards, whereas the neck pain or tension type headaches usually start in the back of the head and radiate forward. So that's one one way to start teasing out, what type of headache the patient may have. So finally, if a person is experiencing a persistent headache, a Denise, and they kind of don't know what's going on. What do you recommend that the person do about it, and perhaps not do? So I would definitely save it. If it's a new symptom, and it's persistent to see their doctor or the come to a physical therapist to nose headache to ask them questions to help tease out. What might be going on with them? That's important to this objective. Questions are so important to help tease away. What helped her provider might be appropriate for them? So it might be something. As simple as a go. See your regular doctor, or let's get a prescription for European or if they have other symptoms related to their headache again, like neuro symptoms weakness dizziness, then we may refer to a different position like in our allergist or some something like that Denise Schneider. Thank you so much for speaking with us and move forward radio. Thank you. You've been listening to move for radio inside from our guest is for informational purposes, only and should not be used as a substitute for individual treatment by a medical professional. Subscribe to our podcast on itunes or find previous episodes that move forward. PT's dot com. Move for radio is brought to you by move forward. PT dot com. The official consumer information website of the American physical Therapy Association. Find a physical therapist near you at move forward. PT dot com.

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