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In the fight but it was a losing battle one young bandit died frank james as well as coal bob and jim younger sustained bad wounds the bandits fled with the younger kohl's forced to split up bob's heavy wounds slow the youngest progress allowing authorities to easily catch up bob died in the process and thirties arrested jim and coal the james brothers fared better but it wasn't easy going they rode hard for nearly two weeks stealing horses undergoing horrific unrelenting rain and going days without food frank was still injured but in the end they escaped after this failure in the fall of eighteen seventy six jesse and frank relocated their families again in tennessee under fake names the james brothers were known to be pleasant and well dressed jesse always wanted to brag even claimed he knew a lincoln son jesse and zee had a pair of twins on february twenty eighth eighteen seventy eight when jesse was thirty this joy was shortlived though the twins died shortly after their birth their death certainly didn't help jesse's increasing tendency toward dark moods and paranoia still z gave birth to their daughter mary james on july seventeenth eighteen seventy nine when jesse was thirty one baby mary like the rest of her family went by an alias even with two small children at home jesse couldn't resist the call of his old bandit lifestyle he recruited a new gang now just the james gang and the crimes began a new on october eighth eighteen seventy nine the james gang stole forty thousand dollars from the chicago alton and saint louis train at glendale missouri it was just like old times jesse and frank a new gang and train robberies however two things change for thirty two year old jesse i he became increasingly.

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