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In general are founding it's amazing that even with the media as it is as they are to be grammatically correct trump's numbers keep edging up now they're at forty eight percent nbc's poll hasn't forty eight percent imagine if the press were even mildly objective whereas just goes to show the american people of of who which the national media has so much disdain for a lot smarter than they give them credit for which is why the players and the founders in article one created house of representatives their faith and trust in the american people not in the president of the senate now near leave institution but the institution of the american people and it stands today is that the american people still are wise about things that they want they choose to be wise about and they're looking around at the country and said hey this economy's pretty good you know and i've got more money in my pocket and jobs are going begging and you know we're talking with russia which we've been doing since dwight eisenhower's time i don't know why anybody would tack trump for talking with russia since every president since dwight eisenhower's talked to russia soviet union is that you know thinks that we're in we're maybe coming to an end of fifty sixty year old conflict with north korea so that maybe they're looking around with their eyes open they're saying what are these jerks on the national media saying things for life is pretty good it's certainly better than under barack obama's eight years and now this this young woman who wins in new york and i think we have to play this sound bite just one more time if people aren't listening earlier when she and we're talking about alexandria kostya cortez who beat joe crowley number four and leadership in in the house of representatives she was asked by chuck todd about socialism and let's listen to the exchange alexandria okasha cortez joins me now congratulations thank you thank you for having what is your definition of democratic socialist tamino to answer your question the definition of democratic socialism to me again is is the fact that in a modern moral and wealthy society no american should be too poor to live and to me that means every working class american in this country should have access to dignified healthcare should actually be able to see a doctor without going broke it means you should be able to send your kids to college trade school if they show if they choose and no person should feel precarious in there or in stable in their access to housing is our economy tobel first of all setting aside whether or not a person can feel precarious quibble with the word selection yes yeah yeah the language there but what about what she forgot about puppies and ice cream everyone should have a golden retriever puppy sorry that would that would be to pedigree yeah what about that that response really does i think illustrate where the young people are ignorance yes but this is the essence of the difference between the modern american liberal modern murphy conservative a modern american liberal goes to the voter goes the american people say give me power so i can do the things for you and some people say well that sounds pretty good i don't do that so they give their taxes or white surprised to see what over turn it over to government conservative goes before the american people and says give me power so i can give it back to you that's an intellectual exercise you have to think about oh i get it reagan's talking about making a president so he can reduce the size of sculptured authority of the federal government and give that power back to me in my local government my state government i get it but you have to think about liberalism is an emotional exercise conservatism is intellectual arson craig before we let you go really quickly when you came out of anaesthesia last time i proposed by two nurses and then i started reciting together sprig address of course you did you did great went in for now what did you go in for oh well i went in for a sex change operation but oh well i i've always been a lesbian trapped inside a man's body anyway does you it's worked for you i've got to say craig it's really worked well surely on the laura ingraham show happy fourth we'll take a break don't go away let me tell you something for the first time in.

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