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Go to our website and search for aquarium pit you'll see Just a class operation and it's a family operation. They've been there for years and nobody has anything bad to say about it. And she there There's several others Who clearly belong in there. I think have a chance I think if I were voting. I would be the number four choice. Let me let me quickly review the list for the that are now you have Oklahoma Joe Davidson. Who you know was part of Oklahoma. Joe's the restaurant Kansas City before him and staying split walk but then he went on to do Oklahoma. Joe's smokers Bill Arnold with Blues Hog. I mean you think competition barbecue. I think everybody thinks about blue's hog as soon as you think. A competition barbeque. Everybody you know there are fifty imitations of Louis in bottles and even I have a recipe called Jazz. Haag which is a attempt at an invitation. So it's a concept the formulate a flavor profile really different than your classic KC masterpiece or craft your standard red barbecue sauce. And it's really popular in the unit and that's how Bill Arnold me his name and name and he's he's nominate but you have to try. That are returning. You have earned Franklin no real description dated as Ray Robinson as you just informed us then you have a meathead from mazing ribs dot com. Then I other first timers you have Jon Marcus. Who if you've ever watched the second of Barbecue Television John Marquez? Because he's the one that's pretty much brought every fain regular yes up. He's been on the show number tasks and John is just an erudite intellectually Unique He's a playwright. He won an emmy as a writer for the bill cosby show. He created Barbecue television with barbecue. Pitmasters years ago did several seasons of it. He himself has numerous of smokers and grills which he hauls around for charity events. All the time A real a real match Rodney Scott for mighty Scott Barbecue. Obviously one of the whole hog and Carolina Barbecue Masters. And then you have a Darren war from Iowa smokey dis so is both a word about let me say a word about their. Darren lives in Iowa. I'm in the Chicago area. There's a competition. Not Far. From my home he comes to every year. It's probably not gonNA survive this crisis. It was in trouble to begin with but I went down there and don't care to judge much anymore on like sitting in a tent and tasting. But I want around. I know a lot of these competitors and I've learned to like Darren's food and he was winning and he and his wife Sherry and I hit it off and I would go to this event and just hang out and he let me watch him. Cook so I learned an awful lot. About how top. Notch Competition Cooks Cook. He's one team of the year at least once. Maybe two three five times. But I'm here to tell you I taste a lot of barbecue. Everything he cooks is my benchmark. His ribs are just knee-buckling spectacular his risk. It has pull bar. I mean. I don't get excited about pulled pork anywhere. Have a healthy again excited about polpartment. His just spectacular everything. He does spectacular He's just a brilliant cook and then rounding out that list. Leeann weapon who has been on the scene for you know decades at this point Originally with wood chicks had the restaurant catering business opened up a restaurant. Chicago there for awhile since moved into some other Barbecue down in Florida Area TV a bunch of times. Yeah I think her doctor Barbecue. Were like two blocks from there. So that rounds out the top nine so all right. Let's be honest as we come to a close here in this abridged version of a meat had here on the seconds. Your personal thought. Chances.

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