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Here's Nightline co anchor. Juju chang. He paid a lot of attention to me spent time sort of standing there and held my hand longer than he should have and gave what others have described as the full Bill Clinton. It feels as if you're the only person standing there. It's the infamous start to an illicit affair one. That nearly toppled the president my underwear head showing my thong underwear, and I thought well, I'll up the game Monica Lewinsky, speaking out about the flirtatious moments that landed her squarely at the center of a White House scandal at kind of have to laugh at my younger self. But that was when my crush started the unpaid injured and the commander in chief. I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Now for the wind skis anew reckoning with her past in a revealing six part docu series, entitled the Clinton affair airing on e front and center, President Clinton's reckless behavior. Which almost cost his presidency fresh out of college. Lewinsky catches the eye of the president as he's leaving the White House and goes out of her way to catch it again. I did this really silly thing. I ran home at lunchtime. And I put back on the sage green suit. I have been wearing the day before when he paid attention to me I thought well, maybe he'll notice me again. And notice me he did Lewinsky now, forty five reflects back on her own naievety, which she says led her to their disastrous liaison, the truth is is that I think it meant more to me that someone who other people desired desired me, however wrong. It was however misguided for who I was in that very moment at twenty two years old that was how it felt in an essay for Vanity Fair Lewinsky says she took part in the documentary to acknowledge her past behavior, which she still regrets feels ashamed of in the air of me to the story of a y-. Young interns entanglement with the most powerful man in the world and its aftermath now examined in a completely new light. By director Blair foster. There's a real power imbalance here. I don't think you get a greater balance between the president of the United States and then in turn to slut shamed. She was fat shamed. It was open season on Monica Lewinsky one hundred percent, it was brutal over the course of two years. They had multiple sexual encounters engaged in phone, sex even exchanging gifts..

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