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Any of that was insure. I think that there are a lot of people that were very uncomfortable with it. That can you say some names here like on one side or the other. What was no i have. I really don't remember. Okay makings at all. I guess really. The only name specifically do remember was john. Philip kelly who was very against it and and You know didn't like it but for the most part you know it was. It was discussed Ad nauseam amongst lob people. Some people thought its wrestling. It's going to be what it is and You know we'll do. I want to mention here sargent slaughter. He's only forty two years old but he's written about as this is the end of my wrestling career. Did you see it that way and just forty two years old. Because of course everybody's waiting for me to say this. Aj staus today is forty three years old. Did not that. Sarge was losing weight getting in shape and thought he had had few more runs in. Frankly real quick. We're going to wrap things up. Here are read a report here that there would be wanted to send hogan to saudi arabia to visit the troops but was turned down by the uso. Instead hogan will spend the next few weeks visiting families of those overseas to strengthen his baby face image. While vowing to bring the title back from hussein's emissary. Remember that the uso a tipped. Yeah because they weren't sending the anybody over time right. It wasn't like no we don't want hogan it was. We're not sending anyone over. So here's the thing. In spite of the fact that people hate this angle and they didn't like the finish and they thought warrior should one and they didn't like the rumble and said it was one of the. It was the worst one so far. He also says it's the best. Wb pay view ever ever. What say you where do you land on this thumbs up thumbs down thumbs in the middle. I won't use his scoring system. Thought it was a good show. But i don't think it was a great show and again when you look at the overall sentiment of the audience that they liked it than we did a good job me personally. I thought it could have been better. Well we could have done a better job cranking out some content for you guys these last few weeks as you've probably picked up kinda busy for mr pritchard But we've still got big plans. We've got lots of fun stuff coming your way Bruce were supposed to deliver royal rumble. Nineteen ninety-six Couple weeks ago and tomorrow or and our recording this we were supposed to deliver the main event from february first nineteen ninety-one which is a fun little show too right. Yes so we're officially to behind can. Can we give the audience listening and update as to win will be able to record and deliver those okay. We're gonna record saturday someway. Can we go ahead on saturday and try to get in your house. Six for next week will with the emails. I've just been getting. I get those two saturday but sunday. Okay good so maybe we can do to sunday to saturday and one or two sunday and maybe have some in the can give four sunday. Okay so see. Listen when i send these tweets out. People think i'm bullshitting manelli. Don't send them out then. Well what else do we're behind we're going to get to. We're going to catch up by doing the two on saturday. We're caught up right. Yes then we're going to get ahead. Okay we're not going to be fourteen on sunday long to get a fourteen like about you know like we used to back the six hour ones only fourteen them on sunday. We're gonna have to call some audibles. Because i just looked at the lineup. And one of these stupid ass. Stan wants us to do a show. An outlaw ron bass. That should be happen as stupid ass dan then a an fuck. Let's see here that Sorry other than the having to do brother. Love's show with him five times one nine or something like our rumble. Nineteen ninety-six coming up before you know it ladies and gentlemen. We appreciate your patience. Means a lot to bruce it myself but The show's not going anywhere baby. We're still here. we're still having fun. It's still something to wrestle with respiratory gone. Hey before. I let you go. I want to leave you with one last.

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