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Have more options when it comes to getting tested for the virus the drive through testing site is opening today in Jacksonville well another is in the works for the villages only at the villages are not gonna be driving their automobiles can be driving their golf carts through but we think that having some high volume testing they're actually given the demographics would be very very good governor Ron DeSantis says he wants to continue to add mobile site after the successful launch of the Florida National Guard side Broward county which tested more than four hundred people in its first day on Friday and a Florida man is in jail for trying to impersonate officer again the Flagler county sheriff's office says leroy Stollmeyer showed a fake law enforcement bachelor toll booth attendant in order to get out of the two dollar toll still Meyer was arrested on Wednesday marks the second time he's been caught for the same crime officers say he's tried the same trick in the past posing as a U. S. air marshal and your officially off the hook if you're set to report to court in the near future the Florida Supreme Court has suspended all jury trials through mid April which means that jury duty is also suspended in till further notice Palm Beach state attorney Dave Aronberg says all misdemeanor criminal traffic court hearings over the next month are being reset for two months from now and if you live in Orange County the area now has a curfew that runs from eleven PM to five AM in an effort to slow the spread of coping nineteen however you can still go out during that time but only if you have to travel to and from work with Florida's news I'm Sean fan hello this is Maryland brown.

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