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The thing about about Purdue. They're not like those same that's going to try to. You know, run the ball and keep it away from me. Jeff Ramsey a quarterback former quarterback head coach. And so he thinks he can out throw anybody. Well, we'll see about that. But the point being is that when a team doesn't worry about too much of controlling the clock. It gives a team the superior team, which we are chance score points. Dwayne Askins has two straight four hundred yard passing games. It's never been done. There's only been three four hundred yard passing games histories as to the last two weeks and read I I don't know. I wouldn't bet against it this week. I really wouldn't style a game. This could be made light it up like that again. Yeah. I could see it going one of two ways. I see a shootout for both offenses or your secondary stepping up. But I don't see our offense getting shut down deep in the secondary. And I see the offensive line coming out with a little bit of pep in their step. I think the lights will actually benefit us in this game going into west Lafayette. Whereas if it was a noon game, I would worry that we'd come out flat. Kind of like the last two weeks. We have. Some hoping that kind of revamps the team logo come out the gates hot Jay on Twitter similar questions since we're talking about weaknesses. They have a star player named Rondell. More. Jay on Twitter says with Rondell Moore's explosive ability does Ohio State shades. Somebody maybe double team him a little bit to try to take him out of the game. Well, he's a guy stop. He's a big little guys five nine quick as a cat. Yup. But you got you know, you guys he has forty five catches their next highest guy has twenty right? So he's a guy and he's a second leading receiver in the conference. Of course, we've got number three and four with Peres Campbell with K J hill. But we gotta find some way of shutting down. He also. I mean, he can he's one of those guys can make the short catch and make a long run afterwards. Because he's so quick. He's the guy. Stop him. You stop a law their offense..

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